Dependants Sample Clauses

Dependants. An eligible dependant for the purposes of this article is one who is so classified for income tax purposes.
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Dependants. For the purpose of definition, dependants are spouse, dependent children, and anyone for whom the employee claims exemption on Federal Income tax returns.
Dependants. Where the applicable legislation of a Contracting Party provides that the amount of the benefit shall vary according to the number of dependants of an insured person, the competent institution shall also take account of dependants resident in the territory of another Contracting Party as if those dependants were resident in the territory of the first Contracting Party.
Dependants. Dependants of an employee shall cease to be eligible for benefit under this plan on the date on which the em‑ ployee ceases to be eligible or on the date on which the dependant no longer qualifies under Section 1.02, and in the case of the death of an employee at the end of the month in which said death occurs.
Dependants. For purposes of dependants’ coverage provided under the plan, eligible dependants include the wife or husband and unmarried children from birth to their twenty-first (21st) birthday. Also unmarried children twenty-one (21) years of age and over who are full-time students attending a certified education institution and depend upon the employee for support are eligible dependants until their twenty-fifth (25th) birthday. No person may be eligible for benefits both as an employee and as a dependant, or as a dependant of more than one employee. Dependants become eligible on the same date as the employee, or if acquired later, on the date they first become eligible dependants.
Dependants. For the purposes of this Plan, dependants are deemed to be the spouse and children of eligible employees, who are Canadian residents, excluding any employee covered under this Plan:
Dependants. At the manager's discretion, Oranga Tamariki may reimburse an employee for the costs of caring for dependants if the employee is required to be away from his/her normal place of work and there is no reasonable alternative.
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Dependants. Dependants eligible for Dental Benefits are your spouse or common-law spouse, and unmarried wholly dependent children not yet (or if full-time students) or wholly dependent children of any age if mentally or physically handicapped (please see your Plan Administrator for details to extend coverage for handicapped dependants). There must be a minimum and continuous cohabitation period of one year before a common-law spouse is recognized, and the couple should represent themselves to society as married. Upon written request, your common-law spouse will, be eligible immediately if a child is born to you and your common- law spouse. Dependants must reside in Canada to qualify for benefits. However, children who are temporarily residing in the United States because they are attending an accredited academic institution will also be eligible for benefits provided they are insured under a Government of Canada Health Insurance Plan. OUTSIDE OF CANADA COVERAGE While travelling outside the country, this coverage will apply for the services of a duly qualified dentist, subject to the maximums and coinsurance factor, and/or as outlined on the Schedule of Benefits page. Non emergency dental care will be subject to the current Provincial Dental Association fee guide. Emergency dental care is not subject to this limitation. These benefits include coverage for conditions.
Dependants. Stream A employees who live with their spouse or de facto spouse (who is not a dependant spouse or de facto spouse) who is also eligible to receive a locality allowance under this Section shall be entitled to one-half of the Locality Allowance rate irrespective of whether such employee has a dependant. Changed circumstances An employee in receipt of the full or one-half of the locality allowance shall notify Council immediately of any changes in the employee's circumstances that would affect the amount of locality allowance payable.
Dependants. The Employer will cover dependent coverage to the age as long as they are attending school.
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