Dependants Sample Clauses

Dependants. For purposes of dependants’ coverage provided under the plan, eligible dependants include the wife or husband and unmarried children from birth to their twenty-first (21st) birthday. Also unmarried children twenty-one (21) years of age and over who are full-time students attending a certified education institution and depend upon the employee for support are eligible dependants until their twenty-fifth (25th) birthday. No person may be eligible for benefits both as an employee and as a dependant, or as a dependant of more than one employee. Dependants become eligible on the same date as the employee, or if acquired later, on the date they first become eligible dependants.
Dependants. Where the applicable legislation of a Contracting Party provides that the amount of the benefit shall vary according to the number of dependants of an insured person, the competent institution shall also take account of dependants resident in the territory of another Contracting Party as if those dependants were resident in the territory of the first Contracting Party.
Dependants. 1.1.5 “The tracked location” shall mean the GPS co-ordinates of the mobile device of the User as transmitted to Blue upon use of the Panic Button facility of the Blue App.
Dependants. 37.1 The EMPLOYER shall assist school admission for two (02) children of the employee, in government schools, except in Centre for Higher Secondary Education.
Dependants. Dependants of an employee shall cease to be eligible for benefit under this plan on the date on which the em‑ ployee ceases to be eligible or on the date on which the dependant no longer qualifies under Section 1.02, and in the case of the death of an employee at the end of the month in which said death occurs.
Dependants. The MINISTRY shall assist in the immigration and school admission of children of the HEALTH PROFESSIONAL, in government schools. All costs related to dependants shall be borne by the HEALTH PROFESSIONAL.
Dependants. (e) An Employee may not collect vacation travel assistance earlier than thirty
Dependants. The Employer will cover dependent coverage to the age as long as they are attending school.