Insured Person definition

Insured Person s year” means a year from the date of commencement of the insured person’s policy, or from the anniversary date of the commencement of the insured person.
Insured Person means a person covered under a principal policy holder’s policy with the fund.
Insured Person means any person whose risks are covered by these Terms and Benefits, and named as the "Insured Person" in the Policy Schedule.

Examples of Insured Person in a sentence

  • The re-underwriting result may be more advantageous or adverse to the Policy Holder and the Insured Person.

  • All claims incurred in respect of these Terms and Benefits shall be submitted to the Company within ninety (90) days after the date on which the Insured Person is discharged from the Hospital, or (where there is no Confinement) the date on which the relevant Medical Service is performed and completed.

  • This benefit shall be payable for the Eligible Expenses charged on miscellaneous charges where the Insured Person is Confined in a Hospital or on the day he undergoes any Day Case Procedure for receiving Medical Services.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, the rights, powers, benefits or entitlements of the Policy Holder or the Insured Person under the terms and benefits of this Policy shall not be less favourable than those under the Standard Plan Terms and Benefits (had it been issued to the Policy Holder in respect of the Insured Person), save for the exceptions in Section 7 of this Part 1, Sections 1(b) and 5 of Part 6 and any other exception as may be approved by the Government from time to time.

  • If this Policy is or becomes illegal under the law applicable to the Policy Holder or the Insured Person, the Company shall have the right to terminate this Policy from the date it becomes illegal and the Company shall refund the relevant premium paid for the Policy Year in which this Policy is terminated, on a pro rata basis.

More Definitions of Insured Person

Insured Person means any person shown by name, classification or meeting the criteria specified for an Insured Person in the Policy Schedule for the insurance cover selected by the Insured and with respect to who the premium has been paid. The Insured Person and the type of cover chosen will be set out in the Policy Schedule.
Insured Person means the person named in the schedule.
Insured Person means person(s) named in the schedule of the Policy.
Insured Person means any:
Insured Person means a member of the Policyholder who is eligible, who enrolls for coverage and for whom the required premium is paid making insurance in effect for that person under the Policy. A Dependent covered under the Policy is not an Insured Person.
Insured Person or "insured persons” means: