Insured Person definition

Insured Person s year” means a year from the date of commencement of the insured person’s policy, or from the anniversary date of the commencement of the insured person.
Insured Person means any person whose risks are covered by these Terms and Benefits, and named as the "Insured Person" in the Policy Schedule.
Insured Person means a person covered under a principal policy holder’s policy with the fund.

Examples of Insured Person in a sentence

  • Payment by the Insurer for the total of all expenses incurred by any Insured Person will not exceed the Benefit Amount stated in the Schedule as the result of any one (1) Accident.

  • This benefit is payable only once in a Policy Year towards an Insured Person.

  • We will pay the Benefit Amount for Carjacking, shown in Section IV-C of the Schedule of Benefits, if an Insured Person suffers a covered Loss resulting from Accidental Bodily Injury due to Carjacking.

  • An Insured Person, the Policyholder and the beneficiary will also produce all records and documents requested by Us and will permit Us to make copies of such records or documents.

  • Any unearned premium will be remitted to the Policyholder for return to the Primary Insured Person as soon as practicable.

More Definitions of Insured Person

Insured Person means person(s) named in the schedule of the Policy.
Insured Person means a person covered under a principal member’s membership with the Fund.
Insured Person means the person named in the Policy Schedule, who has a permanent place of residence in India and for whom the insurance is proposed and appropriate premium paid.
Insured Person means the person named in the schedule.
Insured Person means any:
Insured Person means a member of the Policyholder who is eligible, who enrolls for coverage and for whom the required premium is paid making insurance in effect for that person under the Policy. A Dependent covered under the Policy is not an Insured Person.
Insured Person or "insured persons” means: