Reasonable professional judgment definition

Reasonable professional judgment means an objectively reasonable and impartial belief, opinion or conclusion held with confidence, and founded on appropriate professional knowledge, skills, abilities, qualifications, and competencies, after careful review, analysis and consideration of the relevant subject matter and all relevant facts and circumstances that were then known by, or reasonably available to, the person or party holding such belief, opinion, or conclusion.¶
Reasonable professional judgment. For the purposes of these Rules, “
Reasonable professional judgment means an objectively reasonable and impartial belief, opinion or conclusion held with confidence, and founded on appropriate professional knowledge, skills, abilities,

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  • Professional Judgement shall be defined as judgement that is informed by professional knowledge of curriculum expectations, context, evidence of learning, methods of instruction and assessment, and the criteria and standards that indicate success in student learning. In professional practice, judgement involves a purposeful and systematic thinking process that evolves in terms of accuracy and insight with ongoing reflection and self-correction.

  • Reasonable medical judgment means a medical judgment that would be made by a reasonably prudent physician, knowledgeable about the case and the treatment possibilities with respect to the medical conditions involved.

  • Final Judgment means the order and judgment to be entered by the Court finally approving the Settlement and dismissing the Action, materially in the form attached hereto as Exhibit B.

  • Alternate Judgment means a form of final judgment that may be entered by the Court herein but in a form other than the form of Judgment provided for in this Stipulation.

  • Order and Final Judgment means the order and final judgment of the Court approving the Settlement Agreement, as described in Section II(E)(7) below.

  • Alternative Judgment means a form of final judgment that may be entered by the Court but in a form other than the form of Judgment provided for in this Stipulation and where none of the Parties hereto elects to terminate this Settlement by reason of such variance.

  • Agent Professionals means attorneys, accountants, appraisers, auditors, business valuation experts, liquidation agents, collection agencies, auctioneers, environmental engineers or consultants, turnaround consultants, and other professionals and experts retained by Agent.

  • The judge means the judge or the substitute judge of the juvenile and domestic relations district

  • Qualified professional means a person with experience and training in the pertinent discipline, and who is a qualified expert with expertise appropriate for the relevant critical area or shoreline subject. A qualified professional must have obtained a B.S., B.A. or equivalent degree or certification in biology, engineering, environmental studies, fisheries, geomorphology, landscape architecture, forestry or related field, and two years of related work experience.

  • Reasonable person means a reasonable person under similar circumstances and with similar identities to the victim.

  • Registered professional engineer means a person who is registered as a professional engineer pursuant to s. 443.04, Stats.

  • Action or Proceeding means any action, suit, proceeding, arbitration, Order, inquiry, hearing, assessment with respect to fines or penalties, or litigation (whether civil, criminal, administrative, investigative or informal) commenced, brought, conducted or heard by or before, or otherwise involving, any Governmental or Regulatory Authority.

  • competent person means a person who has, in respect of the work or task to be performed, the required knowledge, training and experience and, where applicable, qualifications, specific to that work or task: Provided that where appropriate qualifications and training are registered in terms of the provisions of the National Qualification Framework Act, 2000 (Act No.67 of 2000), those qualifications and that training must be regarded as the required qualifications and training; and is familiar with the Act and with the applicable regulations made under the Act;

  • Professional Claim means an Administrative Claim of a Professional for compensation for services rendered or reimbursement of costs, expenses, or other charges and disbursements incurred relating to services rendered or expenses incurred after the Petition Date and prior to and including the Confirmation Date.

  • Final Order and Judgment or “Judgment” means the Final Order and Judgment of the Court, substantially in the form attached hereto as Exhibit B, approving the Settlement and dismissing with prejudice the claims asserted against the Settling Defendants in the Action without costs to any Party (except as provided in this Stipulation).

  • Registered Professional means a professional registered or licensed by and in the State of Florida and practicing under Chapter 471, 472, 481, or 492, F.S.

  • Consent Judgment means a state-specific consent judgment in a form to be agreed upon by the Settling States, Participating Subdivisions, and Xxxxxxx prior to the Initial Participation Date that, among other things, (1) approves this Agreement and (2) provides for the release set forth in Section IV, including the dismissal with prejudice of any Released Claims that the Settling State has brought against Released Entities.

  • Member of the judge s family” means a spouse, domestic partner, child, grandchild, parent, grandparent, or other relative or person with whom the judge maintains a close familial relationship. See Rules 3.7, 3.8, 3.10, and 3.11.

  • Final Approval Order and Judgment or “Final Approval Order” shall mean a final order entered by the Court after the Final Approval Hearing, substantially the same in all material respects to that attached hereto as Exhibit A, granting its approval of the Settlement. The Parties may agree to additions or modifications to the form of the Final Approval Order and Judgment as they agree are appropriate at the time that it is submitted to the Court for final approval of the Settlement.

  • Reasonable Care means the use of reasonable custodial practices under the applicable circumstances as measured by the custodial practices then prevailing in Russia of International Financial Institutions acting as custodians for their institutional investor clients in Russia.

  • Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice means the current standards of the appraisal profession, developed for appraisers and users of appraisal services by the Appraisal Standards Board of the Appraisal Foundation.

  • Legal Action means and includes any claim, counterclaim, demand, action, suit, counterclaim, arbitration, inquiry, proceeding or investigation before any

  • Original Jurisdiction means, in relation to an Obligor, the jurisdiction under whose laws that Obligor is incorporated as at the date of this Agreement or, in the case of an Additional Obligor, as at the date on which that Additional Obligor becomes Party as a Borrower or a Guarantor (as the case may be).

  • Reasonable in the circumstances means using no more force than is needed.

  • Licensed Professional Engineer means a person acceptable to Buyer in its reasonable judgment who (a) is licensed to practice engineering in California, (b) has training and experience in the power industry specific to the technology of the Project, (c) has no economic relationship, association, or nexus with Seller or Buyer, other than to meet the obligations of Seller pursuant to this Agreement, (d) is not a representative of a consultant, engineer, contractor, designer or other individual involved in the development of the Project or of a manufacturer or supplier of any equipment installed at the Project, and (e) is licensed in an appropriate engineering discipline for the required certification being made.

  • Environmental Judgments and Orders means all judgments, decrees or orders arising from or in any way associated with any Environmental Requirements, whether or not entered upon consent or written agreements with an Environmental Authority or other entity arising from or in any way associated with any Environmental Requirement, whether or not incorporated in a judgment, decree or order.