Product Price Sample Clauses

Product Price. Termination under any of the above paragraphs shall not result in any change to unit prices for Products not terminated.
Product Price. Commencing on the Commercial Operation Date, the Price per MWh for the Products shall be equal to $77.76 per MWh. The Price per MWh for each billing period shall be allocated between Energy and RECs as follows: (i) Energy = $73.87 per MWh
Product Price. MERCK shall determine the SALES price for PRODUCT SOLD in the TERRITORY.
Product Price. Terumo shall pay to IceCure the price of the Product in the currency of U.S. dollars as set forth on Exhibit ‎6.3 (“Product Price”) within thirty (30) days from the date of relevant invoice. IceCure may issue invoice of an order at the time stipulated in Exhibit 6.3.
Product Price. “Product Price” shall mean the Commercial Product price set forth in ANNEX 1 attached hereto and made a part hereof, as such price may be amended from time to time in accordance with this Agreement.
Product Price. Knight will supply FF Products to Synergy at a price (the “Product Price”) equal to the aggregate of (i) the Cost of Goods and (ii) in respect to FF Products sold through Direct Channel Sales, thirty percent (30%) of Gross Sales from Direct Channel Sales and (iii) in respect to FF Products sold though Retail Sales, five percent (5%) of Gross Sales from Retail Sales. Knight shall initially invoice Synergy for the Cost of Goods for FF Products supplied hereunder. Synergy shall pay Knight’s invoice for the Cost of Goods no later than thirty (30) days after delivery of FF Products relating thereto.
Product Price. (a) During the first Term Year, the Product Price shall be equal to the total price of $87.40 per MWh (net of any CAISO Charges and any subsequent CAISO True-Ups) received from the Project at the Delivery Point; provided, the Buyer receives all of the following from the Product: the Green Attributes described below and the remaining elements of the Product. For the avoidance of doubt, the remaining elements of the Product include but are not limited to all electric energy produced by the Generating Facility throughout the Delivery Term, net of Station Use; all Capacity Attributes, if applicable; and all Resource Adequacy Benefits, if applicable; generated by, associated with or attributable to the Generating Facility throughout the Delivery Term.
Product Price. For each Batch manufactured in accordance with this Agreement, Trubion shall pay the amount respectively set forth in Schedule 3 for such Batch, in accordance with the payment schedule set forth therein, provided that the related Bulk Drug is manufactured in compliance with this Agreement and cGMP and conforms to the related Specifications and the warranties set forth in Section 6.1(a). Such amount shall be the "Product Price". As set forth in Schedule 3, the Product Price for each Batch is ***, and the invoice for the *** installment cannot be issued until Lonza has issued the Certificate of Analysis and Certificate of Compliance for the related Batch. ***.
Product Price. The price for the Product shall be as set forth in Exhibit C and shall be in United States dollars. The Product price shall not include charges for transportation, insurance, special packaging, marking, applicable sale or use taxes, value added taxes, export or import licenses, fees, taxes, duties and the like, the costs of which shall be paid by WATCHGUARD in addition to the Product price.