Issue of Completion Certificate Sample Clauses

Issue of Completion Certificate. (a) At least 60 (sixty) Days prior to the likely completion of the Project, the Concessionaire shall notify the Independent Engineer of the date when it intends to commence commercial operations. The Independent Engineer shall then proceed to inspect the Construction Works with the intention of issuing the Completion Certificate and determine and notify to the Concessionaire the schedule and manner of the tests as are specified in Appendix 7 that it shall carry out to ensure that the Project meets with the Construction Standards (“the Tests”). The date and time of each of the Tests shall be determined by the Independent Engineer in consultation with the Concessionaire, and notified to the Concessioning Authority who may designate its representative to witness the Tests. The Concessionaire shall provide such assistance as the Independent Engineer may reasonably require for conducting the Tests. In the event of the Concessionaire and the Independent Engineer failing to mutually agree on the dates for conducting the Tests, the Concessionaire shall fix the dates by not less than 10 (ten) Days notice to the Independent Engineer;
Issue of Completion Certificate. 6.8 Change of Scope .................................................................................................................
Issue of Completion Certificate. Upon completion of Construction Works and successful Test results, Engineer-in-Charge of the Authority shall issue to the Concessionaire a certificate (the “Completion Certificate”). The certificate of completion as issued by the Engineer-in-Charge shall be the conclusive proof of completion of work.

Related to Issue of Completion Certificate

  • Certificate of Completion (a) Promptly after Final Completion of the Private Improvements, in accordance with those provisions of this Agreement relating solely to the obligations of the Developer to construct said Private Improvements (including the dates for commencing construction and for Final Completion set forth in Article VI in this Agreement), the City will furnish the Developer with an appropriate instrument so certifying (a "Certificate of Completion"). Such certification by the City shall be (and it shall be so provided in the Deed with respect to the Building Site), a conclusive determination of satisfaction and termination of the agreements and covenants in this Agreement and in said Deed with respect to the obligations of the Developer, and its successors and assigns, to construct the Private Improvements on said Building Site and the dates for the commencement and Final Completion as aforesaid. Such certificate shall not be unreasonably denied by the City.

  • Notice of Completion The Interconnection Customer shall notify the Transmission Provider and the Interconnected Transmission Owner in writing when it has completed construction of (i) the Customer Facility;

  • TRUTH IN NEGOTIATION CERTIFICATE Signature of this Contract by the AGENCY shall act as the execution of the truth-in-negotiation certificate certifying that the wage rates and costs used to determine the compensation provided for in this Contract are accurate, complete and current as of the date of this Contract and no higher than those charged the AGENCY’S most favored customer for the same or substantially similar service. The said rates and costs shall be adjusted to exclude any significant sums should the COUNTY determine that the rates and costs were increased due to inaccurate, incomplete or non-current wage rates or due to inaccurate representations of fees paid to outside consultants. The COUNTY shall exercise its right under this “Certificate” within one (1) year following final payment.