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Consider the anticipated TennCare enrollment; the expected utilization of services, taking into consideration the characteristics of specific TennCare populations included in this Agreement; the number and types of providers required to furnish TennCare services; the number of contract providers who are not accepting new members; and the geographic location of providers and TennCare members, considering distance, travel time, the means of transportation ordinarily used by TennCare members, and whether the location provides physical access for members with disabilities;
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Consider. 1 + t2 + t3 + t5 P (t) = (1 − t)2(1 − t3);
Consider. Other types of policies, such as commercial general liability policies, may provide coverage for some workplace torts. For ex- ample, defamation and invasion of privacy torts typically fall within the “personal and advertising injury” offenses under commercial general liability policies. In order to maximize coverage for a policy- holder, counsel should review all of the insured’s liability policies for coverage for employment claims.
Consider an ε-random oracle commitment scheme an εh-universal hash function family h Any adversary bounded by Q instances of Xxxxx or Bob cannot succeed with probability higher than Q2(2−ρ + ε + εh). Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx and Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx - EPFL 25 Public Key Cryptography ’06 A New MCA Protocol Applications Secure VoIP: Start in an insecure mode. The channel is authenticated (not confidential). Run a DH through our SAS-based MCA. Now, both share a secret key K (thanks to DH) K is cross-authenticated (thanks to our MCA) Switch to a secure conversation. Use K with standard cryptography, e.g. AES. The channel is now confidential and authenticated! Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx and Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx - EPFL 26 Public Key Cryptography ’06 Conclusion Summary of our results We proposed a new MCA protocol: Based on SAS 3 moves only Same SAS in both directions Requires random oracle commitment Optimal Now, we have a 3-move SAS-based AKA. Future work: Try to avoid the use of the random oracle...
Consider. Do you have/want an after-school job or internship? • Do you participate in sports or school clubs? • Do you volunteer in the community? • Do you have responsibilities at home? Will you have enough time left over to commit the hours necessary to be successful in the number of AP’s you are planning to register for? Important questions to ask yourself before choosing your AP courses: • Am I taking the course(s) for the right reasons? • Do I have enough time in 24 hours to give quality time to all my commitments, in addition to keeping myself healthy? • How quickly/efficiently do I complete homework? Am I able to manage my time and hold myself to a strict schedule? • How will I cope if the course-load is difficult and I cannot change my schedule? • Would I be willing to drop one or more extracurricular activities if necessary? Continued… • Would I be satisfied with a grade less that a “B”? AP Course Expectations: • Courses are considered college-level (including textbook, reading-level and materials) • More hours of homework than non-AP; expect 1 hour of homework per AP class, per night. • Increased number of assignments and depth of assignments • College pace/timeline for content moves quickly • High level of self-motivation expected for completion of projects and AP assignments • Expect substantial and required summer assignments before beginning an AP course. • The College Board does not allow schools/teachers to modify the AP requirements or textbook • AP exams are during set dates/times in May and scheduled at high schools throughout the district Non-AP or Honors Course Expectations: • Course syllabi and content align with state and district standards • Honors courses use advanced-level, district-approved textbooks • Workload may be less than AP course, but is still substantial as part of our Tesla STEM Honors curricula • Honors curriculum is designed to be challenging and consistent with Honors designation at other district high schools • Courses align with rigorous high school graduation requirements and college entrance requirements ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND SIGNATURES ❖ I have read the information and recommendations regarding AP Course Expectations and will use this information to guide my selection of courses for the upcoming school year. ❖ I understand that I cannot request to change into or out of AP courses after June 17th, 2021. Student name (Print) and Signature Date Parent name (Print) and Signature Date Please return one copy of this form to xxxxx...
Consider. Take into account opinions and relevant information from other Parties in making a decision. Receive the information or comments, acknowledge such, and document the acknowledgement. Those receiving comments are not bound by the opinions or information received.

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  • Recommendations It is recommended that:

  • Review The practitioner reviews the treatment plan and discusses, when appropriate, case circumstances and management options with the attending (or referring) physician. The reviewer consults with the requesting physician when more clarity is needed to make an informed coverage decision. The reviewer may consult with board certified physicians from appropriate specialty areas to assist in making determinations of coverage and/or appropriateness. All such consultations will be documented in the review text. If the reviewer determines that the admission, continued stay or service requested is not a covered service, a notice of non-coverage is issued. Only a physician, behavioral health practitioner (such as a psychiatrist, doctoral-level clinical psychologist, certified addiction medicine specialist), dentist or pharmacist who has the clinical expertise appropriate to the request under review with an unrestricted license may deny coverage based on medical necessity.

  • Independent Legal and Tax Advice Optionee acknowledges that the Company has advised Optionee to obtain independent legal and tax advice regarding the grant and exercise of the Option and the disposition of any Shares acquired thereby.

  • Consultation 10.1 The Employer agrees to consult the Employee timeously where the exercising of its powers will have amongst others-

  • Full Disclosure No written representation, warranty or other statement of Borrower in any certificate or written statement given to Bank, as of the date such representation, warranty, or other statement was made, taken together with all such written certificates and written statements given to Bank, contains any untrue statement of a material fact or omits to state a material fact necessary to make the statements contained in the certificates or statements not misleading (it being recognized by Bank that the projections and forecasts provided by Borrower in good faith and based upon reasonable assumptions are not viewed as facts and that actual results during the period or periods covered by such projections and forecasts may differ from the projected or forecasted results).

  • Provide Information Inform FTA immediately of any information it receives from any source alleging a violation of the prohibitions listed in section 4(f)(4) of this Master Agreement; and

  • Advice a. The Purchaser hereby confirms and represents to the Assignee that the Purchaser has sought obtained and relied upon his own independent advice and judgment and has not relied upon any representation statement or advice from the Assignee, the Assignee’s Solicitors or the Auctioneer or any of them or their respective agents, officers or servants.

  • Inquiries Respond to telephonic, mail, and in-person inquiries from Institutions, Account holders, or their representatives requesting information regarding matters such as shareholder account or transaction status, net asset value ("NAV") of Series shares, Series performance, Series services, plans and options, Series investment policies, Series portfolio holdings, and Series distributions and taxation thereof;

  • Feedback You have no obligation to provide us with ideas, suggestions, or proposals (“Feedback”). However, if you submit Feedback to us, then you grant us a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license that is sub-licensable and trans- ferable, to make, use, sell, have made, offer to sell, import, reproduce, publicly display, distribute, modify, or publicly perform the Feedback in any manner without any obligation, royalty, or restriction based on intellectual property rights or otherwise.

  • Transition Committee 8.1.0 A transition committee comprised of the employee representatives and the employer representatives, including the Crown, will be established by January 31, 2016 to address all matters that may arise in the creation of the Trust.

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