Functionality Sample Clauses

Functionality. For the period of one (1) year following the Effective Date, Insecure represents and warrants to Licensee that the unmodified Nmap Technology shall operate in the manner documented, and covenants that upon notification to Insecure of any errors, Insecure will, during its normal business hours and at no cost to Licensee, use reasonable efforts to correct such errors which are reproducible and verifiable by Insecure. To ensure that Nmap Technology meets Licensee’s needs, Insecure has made it freely available for testing at Licensee is encouraged to test it before executing this Agreement.
Functionality. The Software will operate without errors which materially impair the Software (or any other software or hardware) upon closing and for one year thereafter; however, the Seller will not be responsible for any errors caused by any enhancements made to the Software by any third party after closing, or any accident, neglect misuse or similar causes other than the ordinary use of the Software.
Functionality. ANZ goMoney allows users to check their account balance, view their transaction history, transfer money between their accounts, personalise their ANZ goMoney accounts, pay bills using BPAY®, send payments to another bank account number (Pay Anyone), send payments to another bank account number by providing ANZ with the recipient’s mobile phone number (Pay to Mobile) and find ANZ services like Branches and ATMs throughout Australia (Find ANZ). Account holders may also be able to access a summary of information from a periodic statement for certain eligible accounts. This summary information does not replace the full account statement and, unless otherwise stated, will contain information that is current as at the date of the periodic statement. A user may export account payment reminders to an iCloud Calendar (if using an Apple Device) or to a Google Calendar (if using an Android Device) from ANZ goMoney. If a user has given the relevant account to which the payment reminder relates a name which contains any personal information, Apple Inc. or Google Inc. may receive this information when user exports it to the iCloud Calendar or Google Calendar (as applicable).There are some types of account that are not available in goMoney, and not all functionality is available on all accounts.International services are not available using ANZ goMoney.ANZ goMoney also allows eligible users to view their account balance, available funds and limited transaction history on their Apple Watch using a compatible iPhone. Users require at least an iPhone 5 with iOS version 8.2 or later software that is paired to the Apple Watch, with ANZ goMoney activated within the Apple Watch app on the iPhone. Information shown on the Apple Watch will only reflect accounts activated on the iPhone and there may be a delay in updating some balances from what is shown on the iPhone.In order to operate, ANZ goMoney may access software and hardware features of a user’s Apple Device or Android Device (as applicable).Subject to clause 16, ANZ may alter the functionality available in ANZ goMoney at any time.If a user is using an Apple Device with iOS version 9.0 or later software, ANZ may permit the user to enable Touch ID (Touch ID) to access ANZ goMoney. Where a user has accessed ANZ goMoney using Touch ID, ANZ goMoney may prompt the user to enter the user’s ANZ goMoney PIN as an additional security measure for certain transactions.
Functionality. 2.1. Functionality. The Testing Facilities provided by Lucent pursuant to Section 4 of Schedule A shall encompass the following functionality:
Functionality. ANZ goMoney allows users to check their account balance, view their transaction history, transfer money between their accounts pay bills using BPAY® and send payments to another bank account number (“Pay Anyone”) or send payments to another bank account number by providing ANZ with the recipient’s mobile phone number (“Pay to Mobile”). International Services are not available using ANZ goMoney.
Functionality. Customer is entitled to updates and upgrades for the EDI Software and Services Solutions applications Philips makes generally commercially available to customers having maintenance and support on the same EDI Software and Services Solutions application with the same software version and purchased options, original purchased by Customer. Customer acknowledges that certain functionality in current and previous software versions may not be available in future new software versions.
Functionality. MBRDNA is developing a fleet management solution for delivery service providers through the operation of the Van2Share pilot program. Participants in the pilot will have access to the Technology. This Technology consists of interaction between the Software and the VTT. The Software shall allow end users to optimize their fleet through various tools, including without limitation, automatic communications features, live monitoring of vehicle data (e.g. mileage, fuel level), tracking of relevant key performance indicators, and route optimization. The VTT is the module that must be installed in each vehicle in the fleet in order for the fleet to be tracked and managed through the Software. Key features and functionalities of the Technology are further detailed in the documentation that is included with the Courier Assist.
Functionality. You acknowledge that use of the Software may result in Your collection of information obtained from third parties, that such third party information is not under the control of Magnet Forensics, and Magnet Forensics is not responsible or in any way liable for the performance and non-performance of the Software to collect such third party information, including without limitation the accuracy, completeness, interpretation, reliability, copyright compliance, legality, decency, or any other aspect of such third party information. It is solely Your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness, interpretation, and usefulness of the collection of any such third-party information. Magnet Forensics has no special relationship with or fiduciary duty to You, and You acknowledge that Magnet Forensics has no control over, and no duty to take any action regarding any of Your acts or omissions, including without limitation: (a) what information and material You access through the Software; (b) how You may interpret or use the information and materials accessed through the Software; or (c) what actions You may take as a result of having been exposed to information and materials obtained through the Software. You therefore agree to indemnify, defend and hold Magnet Forensics harmless from any and all claims that arise as a result of Your use of the Software, including without limitation claims arising from Your non-compliance with applicable privacy or other legislation, and claims by third parties relating to their rights in the information and materials accessed by You.
Functionality. 1st NET warrants that the NETSOL Web Site and its constituent Web Pages developed by 1st NET will provide the basic functionality described in this Agreement. If a material nonconformity appears or is discovered during the term of this Agreement and NETSOL communicates this fact with details to 1st NET in writing, 1st NET will use its reasonable efforts to correct the non-conforming functionality within a reasonable time as NETSOL's sole and exclusive remedy.