Cheque Sample Clauses

Cheque. In the room service department, the Employer agrees that on the guest cheque it shall show a suggested gratuity of 15% with the understanding that non-payment of all or any service charge to the Employer by the guest will be recoverable from the employee(s), subject to appeal by the employee through the grievance procedure.
Cheque. All cheques deposited must be made payable to the Account Holder. Endorsed third party cheques will generally not be accepted, although We reserve the right in Our absolute discretion to accept a third party cheque. If We accept a third party cheque We do so subject to You indemnifying Us in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. The amount stated on a cheque received by Us shall not be deemed to have been paid to or received by Us and no withdrawals or transfers of funds may be made against it until the amount of the cheque has been unconditionally credited to Our Account. Generally this takes three working days for Australian dollar cheque deposits. Cheques should be drawn in favour of the ‘Account Holder name’ and should be either: posted to the following address for banking on Your behalf; BOQ Specialist PO Box 2539 Sydney NSW 2001 or deposited at any BOQ or NAB branch as follows: Account Name: Name of Your Account with BOQ Specialist Bank Name: BOQ Specialist BSB: 951-200 Account Number: Your BOQ Specialist Account Number Please always advise Us of any cheque deposits made directly into the account to expedite processing. Travellers cheques and bank drafts are not permissible.
Cheque. 3.1.1. A cheque is acceptable if parents choose Option 1 or Option 2. In the case of Option 2, a cheque will only be accepted for the first term instalment.
Cheque. A cheque for the deposit and post-dated cheques for each installment payment are required upon signing. A processing fee of $30 will be assesed for each NSF cheque. Cheques are to be made payable to Capital Wedding Show ad mailed to: 0000 Xxxxxx Xx, Eganville, Ontrio, K0J 1T0 2- Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT): Funds should be emailed on the date of each installment payment to: xxxxxxx.xxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.xx
Cheque. 3. Post-Dated Cheques
Cheque. The Employer shall provide an emergency cheque in the amount of up to the value of earned current wages allowing for expected deductions, at the request of an employee, whenever the employee or employee's dependant is travelling out of town to a medical centre upon proof of a medical certificate from medical personnel or attending a funeral. The value of the cheque shall be deducted from their current wages.
Cheque. A cheque cannot be cancelled if the bank has authenticated it or when replying to a cover inquiry has made a cover reserve in the account corresponding to the amount of the cheque. Cheque forms must be kept with care and the bank must be notified of any loss immediately. The account holder is liable for damage if the bank has to redeem a cheque even if there is no cover in the account or if the case involved a misuse. Upon the expiry of the account relationship or on the bank's demand, cheques must be returned to the bank.
Cheque. In the room service department, the Company agrees that on the guest cheque it shall show “a suggested gratuity of 15%” with the understanding that non-payment of all or any service charge to the Company by the guest will be recoverable from the employee(s). 2. (1999) ORGANIZED TOUR BREAKFAST BOXES:
Cheque. If you pay us by cheque we will not process your order until the payment has cleared in full.
Cheque. (i) Bank – HSBC