Charging Sample Clauses

Charging. 33) Sections 402 (Obligation to enter pupils for public examinations), 450 - 457 (charges), 459 (regulations about information about charges and school hours) and 460 (voluntary contributions), 461 (recovery of sums as civil debt) - 462 (Interpretation re charges) of the Education Act 1996 shall be deemed to apply to the Academy with the following modifications:
Charging. A Party (“Chargor”) may create a Charge over all of its rights under this Agreement in favour of a recognised financial institution (“Chargee”) to secure financial accommodation provided to the Chargor in relation to its obligations under this Agreement, provided that the Chargee shall first covenant in writing in favour of the other Party (“Non-Charging Party”), pursuant to a deed in such terms as the Non-Charging Party may reasonably require, that in relation to the exercise of any power of sale or other right or remedy under the Charge granted to the Chargee, the Chargee and any person (including any receiver or receiver and manager or agent) claiming through the Chargee will comply with the provisions of this Clause 22 as if it were originally a party hereto, and will not exercise any power of sale of the rights and/or obligations of the Chargor under the Agreement except in accordance with this Clause 22.
Charging. 4.1 For the conveyance of each Operator Telephony Call by the Operator, BT shall pay the Operator a charge calculated in accordance with the rate for such a Call specified from time to time in the Carrier Price List.
Charging. 2.E Not used.
Charging. 10.1. When a Roaming Customer uses the Direct Wholesale Roaming Access services made available hereunder by WIND HELLAS, Operator B shall be responsible for payment of charges for the said Services.