CFR PART 200 Sample Clauses

CFR PART 200. (A) Contracts Contracts for more than the simplified acquisition threshold currently set at $150,000, which is the inflation adjusted amount determined by the Civilian Agency Acquisition Council and the Defense Acquisition Regulations Council (Councils) as authorized by 41 U.S.C. 1908, must address administrative, contractual, or legal remedies in instances where contractors violate or breach contract terms, and provide for such sanctions and penalties as appropriate. Notice: Pursuant to Federal Rule (A) above, when federal funds are expended by ESC Region 8 and TIPS Members, ESC Region 8 and TIPS Members reserves all rights and privileges under the applicable laws and regulations with respect to this procurement in the event of breach of contract by either party. Does vendor agree? Yes
CFR PART 200. Under the authority listed above, the Institute of Museum and Library Serv- ices (IMLS) adopts the Office of Man- agement and Budget (OMB) Guidance in 2 CFR part 200, with the additions that are provided below. Thus, this part gives regulatory effect to the OMB guidance and supplements the guidance as needed for IMLS.
CFR PART 200. Contract Provisions Required Federal contract provisions of Federal Regulations for Explanation Contracts for contracts with ESC Region 8 and TIPS Members: The following provisions are required to be in place and agreed if the procurement is funded in any part with federal funds. The ESC Region 8 and TIPS Members are the subgrantee or Subrecipient by definition. Most of the provisions are located in 2 CFR PART 200 - Appendix II to Part 200—Contract Provisions for Non-Federal Entity Contracts Under Federal Awards at 2 CFR PART 200. Others are included within 2 CFR part 200 et al. In addition to other provisions required by the Federal agency or non-Federal entity, all contracts made by the non-Federal entity under the Federal award must contain provisions covering the following, as applicable.
CFR PART 200. All other terms and conditions shall remain unchanged, and in full force and effect. DocuSign Envelope ID: ADCE6AA1-7312-4E77-A66A-05D95422DB09 "Exhibit B" Budget Tahoe Truckee Unified School District July 1, 2019- December 31, 2020 Program Costs: Early Xxxxxxx Coordinator 30,000.00 Community Liaison/Site Supervisor 52,500.00 Community Liaison/Early Chilhood 23,550.00 IA/Child Development Specialist 23,550.00 Extra Duty Office Support 4,500.00 Extra Duty Special Functions 14,629.00 Program Materials and Supplies 6,750.00 Teachers PIK. Articulation Meeting/Training 300.00 Early Xxxxxxx Conference/Workshops 2,250.00 Subtotal Program Costs: 158,029.00 Indirect Costs 6,971.00 TOTAL 165,000.00 DocuSign Envelope ID: ADCE6AA1-7312-4E77-A66A-05D95422DB09 WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have caused their duly authorized representatives to execute this Agreement as of the day first above stated: FIRST 5 PLACER CHILDREN & FAMILIES TAHOE TRUCKEE UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT (“CONTRACTOR”)* COMMISSION (“COMMISSION”) Signature Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, Chair Chair First 5 Placer Children & Families Commission _Jeff Xxxxxx Print Name Date: 9/1/2020 | 7:10 AM PDT Executive Director Vice President President, Date: 8/25/2020 |_2:55 PM PDT Signature Print Name President, Board Clerk Vice President, Date: EXHIBIT: Exhibit B – Budget *Agreement must have two signatures, one in each of the two categories of corporate offices indicated above. Check the box indicating the corporate office of the signing party. The same person may sign the contract twice if that person holds an office in each of the two categories. (California Corporations Code § 313) One signature will suffice, if the corporation’s board of directors has passed a resolution that gives one person authority to sign. A copy of the most recent resolution must be sent with the signed contract, even if it is the same as the previous year.
CFR PART 200. Contract Provisions for Non-Federal Entity Contracts Under Federal Awards, the following provisions apply to this Agreement, as applicable. For purposes of these provisions, the following definitions apply:
CFR PART 200. All purchase orders presented to the Vendor by a TIPS Member prior to the actual termination of this agreement shall be honored at the option of the TIPS Member. The awarded vendor may terminate the agreement with ninety (90) days written notice to TIPS 0000 XX Xxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxx 00000. TIPS Member Purchasing Procedures Purchase orders or their equal are issued by participating TIPS Member to the awarded vendor indicating on the PO “Agreement Number”. Order is emailed to TIPS at • Awarded vendor delivers goods/services directly to the participating member. • Awarded vendor invoices the participating TIPS Member directly. • Awarded vendor receives payment directly from the participating member. • Awarded vendor reports sales monthly to TIPS (unless prior arrangements have been made with TIPS to report monthly).
CFR PART 200. (f) The Subrecipient is required to and hereby agree and consent to, use the statewide case management system in accordance with OWD policy herein incorporated by reference. Further, all Subrecipients and its subrecipients are required to and herby agree to and consent to collect and provide data regarding their services and clients in the manner, form and frequency prescribed by OWD.
CFR PART 200. Clean Air Act CleanNNirNNNtNN2NNNNNCNNNN0NNNNNNNNNandNtNeNNederalNN aterN ollNtionNControlNNNtN33NNNNNCNNN2NNNN3NNNNaN amendedContracts and subgrants of amounts in excess of $150,000 must contain a provision that requires the nonNNederalNaNardNtoNaNreeNtoNNoNplNNNitNNallNappliNaNleNNtandardNNorderNNorNreNNlationNNiNNNedNpNrNNantNtoNtNe CleanNNirNNNtNN2NNNNNCNNNN0NNNNNNNNNandNtNeNNederalNN aterN ollNtionNControlNNNtNaNNaNendedNN33NNNNNCNNN2NNN N3NNNNNiolationNNNNNtNNeNreportedNtoNtNeNNederalNaNardinNNaNenNNNandNtNeNNeNionalNNNNiNeNoNNtNeNEnNironN ental NroteNtionNNNenNNNNENNNN XXxXXxxxXxxXxXxXXxxxxXXxxXXXxXxxXxxXxXxXxXX XxxXXxxxxxxXX ndNNareNeNpendedNNNNENCNNeNionNNNandNNNNNNMeNNerNN ENCNNeNionNNNandNNNNNNMeNNerNNreNNireNNtNatNtNeNpropoNerNNertiNNNtNatNdNrinNNtNeNterNNoN anNaNardNNNNtNeNENCNNeNionNNNandNNNNNNMeNNerNNreNNltinNNroNNtNiNNproNNreNentNproNeNNNtNeNNendorNaNreeNNto NoNplNNNitNNallNoNNtNeNaNoNeNreNNlationNNinNlNdinNNallNoNNtNeNterNNNliNtedNandNreNerenNedNtNereinN XxxXXxxxxxXxXxxxX XxX

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  • CFR PART 200 Domestic Preferences for Procurements As appropriate and to the extent consistent with law, the non-Federal entity should, to the greatest extent practicable under a Federal award, provide a preference for the purchase, acquisition, or use of goods, products, or materials produced in the United States (including but not limited to iron, aluminum, steel, cement, and other manufactured products). The requirements of this section must be included in all subawards including all contracts and purchase orders for work or products under this award. For purposes of 2 CFR Part 200.322, “Produced in the United States” means, for iron and steel products, that all manufacturing processes, from the initial melting stag through the application of coatings, occurred in the United States. Moreover, for purposes of 2 CFR Part 200.322, “Manufactured products” means items and construction materials composed in whole or in part of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, plastics and polymer-based products such as polyvinyl chloride pipe, aggregates such as concrete, class, including optical fiber, and lumber. Pursuant to the above, when federal funds are expended by ESC Region 8 and TIPS Members, Vendor certifies that to the greatest extent practicable Vendor will provide a preference for the purchase, acquisition, or use of goods, products, or materials produced in the United States (including but not limited to iron, aluminum, steel, cement, and other manufactured products). Does vendor agree? Yes