Equity Compensation definition

Equity Compensation means any stock option, stock appreciation, stock purchase, restricted stock, restricted stock unit, long term incentive cash bonus award or any other kind of equity-based plan, program, arrangement or grant regardless of whether the form of distribution is in stock or cash.
Equity Compensation means, with respect to any Participant, that portion of the Participant’s Compensation, other than Option-Related Compensation, that is paid to him in Shares or the amount of which is based upon the value, or increase in value, of a Share.
Equity Compensation means, collectively, the MSG Networks Options, MSG Networks RSUs, Spinco Options, and Spinco RSUs.

Examples of Equity Compensation in a sentence

  • The Senior Debt Compensation and the Equity Compensation payable under this Agreement shall be the sole remedy of the Security Trustee, of IP HoldCo and of IP OpCo against the Secretary of State in respect of its right to issue a Discontinuation Notice or the termination of this Agreement and the Government Support Package.

  • Without prejudice to clause 7 (Tax gross up), any payment of Senior Debt Compensation or Equity Compensation shall be in full satisfaction of any claim which can be made against the Secretary of State by the Security Trustee, IP HoldCo and/or IP OpCo in relation to termination of the Government Support Package following the exercise by the Secretary of State of its right to issue a Discontinuation Notice.

  • Each of the Parties will work together to unify and consolidate all indicative data and payroll and employment information on regular timetables and make certain that each applicable entity’s data and records with respect to Equity Compensation are correct and updated on a timely basis.

  • Equity Compensation paid pursuant to Section IV A above shall be in the form of a Company Stock Option Grant Agreement issued in accordance with the company’s 2022 Equity Incentive Plan.

  • Unit Agreement for awards under 2006 Non-Employee Director Equity Compensation Plan, amended and restated effective June 5, 2012 (effective for awards granted on and subsequent to June 27, 2017) (incorporated by reference to Exhibit 10.1 to the Company’s Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q filed July 27, 2017 (File No. 001-32877)).

More Definitions of Equity Compensation

Equity Compensation has the meaning set forth in Section 3(c)(i).
Equity Compensation means, collectively, the Donnelley Financial Options, Donnelley Financial Restricted Stock Units, LSC Options, LSC Restricted Stock Units, RRD Options and RRD Restricted Stock Units.
Equity Compensation means shares of common stock, whether or not restricted, restricted stock units, performance shares, performance units, stock options, stock appreciation rights and/ or any other equity-based or equity-related award.
Equity Compensation means any equity compensation granted under the QAD Inc. 2006 Stock Incentive Program.
Equity Compensation means, collectively, the CVC Options, CVC Restricted Stock, CVC SARs, CVC RSUs, MSG Options, MSG SARs and MSG Dividend Shares.
Equity Compensation means any equity-based incentive compensation awards received by a Participant for his or her service as a Director pursuant to the Plan or any successor thereto.