Calling Sample Clauses

Calling. A. An Engineer without a designated starting time shall be called not less than two (2) hours prior to the time required to report for duty, except in cases of emergency, such as floods, accidents, storms, etc., where Engineers shall be required to report as soon as possible.
Calling. 60.1 Except in cases of emergency, locomotive engineers will be called at the home terminal two (2) hours in advance as far as practicable, and at the away from home terminal no less than one (1) hour in advance, of the time required to report for duty. Where telephone service is available, locomotive engineers will be called by telephone except that other means may be used in cases of telephone system failure, when the calling distance is not over two (2) miles from the crew dispatcher's office or when locomotive engineers are accommodated in facilities provided by the Company. If other than local telephone service is used, locomotive engineers will be required to accept long distance charges. Locomotive engineers assigned to regular runs will be called if request is made.
Calling. The calling of the annual meetings will be made by the persons set forth in Article 22 of the by laws and of the law (sic), 15 business days in advance, by written communication sent to each shareholder to the address registered in the documents of the Company, which can be sent by certified mail, by fax or by electronic means (e – mail). The calling of the extraordinary or special meetings will be made 5 calendar days in advance, by certified mail, by fax or by electronic means (e – mail). The notice will include the agenda of that meeting. The communication must state the day, time and place in which the general shareholders’ meeting must meet, and it can state the date for the second – calling meeting in case that the first one cannot take place due to lack of quorum. The second call meeting cannot take place before ten business days after the first meeting, or after 30 business days as from the same moment. However, the General Shareholders’ Meeting can meet without prior notice at any rime or place, when all the shares subscribed are present. The minutes of the respective session will evidence the calling. The shareholders can waive their right to be called to a given shareholders’ meeting, by written communication sent to the legal representative of the Company before, during or after the respective session. The shareholders can also waive their right of inspection by means of the same procedure stated.
Calling. If you do not wish to be subject to market research telephone calls, you can register for free to a cold calling opposition list. These provisions are applicable to any consumer, that is to say any natural person who acts for purposes which are not within the scope of their commercial, industrial, artisanal or private practice.
Calling. (a) Freight trainmen living within two (2) miles of yard office, and passenger trainmen living within two (2) miles of passenger station, will be called in time to be on duty at the time required by the Railway but such call shall not exceed two and one-half (2½) hours previous to the time required to report for duty. The meaning of “within two (2) miles” is understood to be the most direct route by which an automobile would travel.
Calling. Meetings of the Board may be called by any Manager.
Calling. Radiotelephony Call Signs for Aeronautical Stations5. Aeronautical stations in the aeronautical mobile service shall be identified by:
Calling. A lead pastor shall be called as a vacancy occurs. A single candidate to fill the position shall be selected and approved by the elders and presented to the church members for affirmation at a special membership meeting called for that purpose.1, 2 Should associate/assistant pastors be required, the position(s) will be approved by the elders and affirmed by the church membership.1, 2 Candidates to fill the position(s) shall be selected by the lead pastor, approved by the elders, and presented to the church members for affirmation at a special membership meeting called for that purpose.1, 2 Their duties shall be outlined and assigned by the lead pastor. They shall be supervised and held accountable by the lead pastor.
Calling. Sitting elders will identify and thoroughly screen candidates from among members for the office of lay elder. Elders will prayerfully and thoughtfully apply all biblical criteria to those men. Those men whose lives demonstrate fidelity to all requirements and who have experienced a clear leading by the Holy Spirit to the office of elder will be recommended to the church members who will then be invited to affirm elder candidates’ appointments to office.1, 2
Calling. General Shareholders' Meetings will be called at the initiative and according to the agenda determined by the Board of Directors, which must necessarily call them whenever it deems this necessary or advisable for corporate interests, and in any case on the dates or periods determined by law and the Bylaws. The Board of Directors must also call a General Meeting if requested by one or more shareholders representing at least three percent of the share capital, expressly stating the matters to be covered. In such event, the Board of Directors must call the General Meeting so that it is held within the legally established period as of the date on which the Board of Directors is served duly attested notice to call it. The agenda must necessarily include the matters to which the request for a Meeting referred.