Annual Meetings definition

Annual Meetings. An annual meeting of the Trustees shall be held each year, at such time and on such day as the trustees may from time to time determine for the purpose of hearing and receiving the reports and statements of the auditor and others.
Annual Meetings has the meaning set out in Section 3.3(a).
Annual Meetings. The annual meetings of the Association shall be held on the third Thursday of May of each year at a time and place reasonably convenient to the Unit Owners fixed by the Executive Board, of which the Secretary of the Association shall give Unit Owners approximately twenty-one (21) days Notice. The members of the Executive Board who are then to be elected shall be elected by ballot of the Unit Owners at the Annual Meeting, and such other business as may properly come before the meeting may be transacted.

Examples of Annual Meetings in a sentence

  • Presented at the American Thoracic Society Annual Meetings, San Diego, CA.

  • The BPHWT made the decision to hold a workshop about further activities in the malaria control program and mental health after the 39th Six Months’ and Annual Meetings.

  • These activities have veryf you missed the first seven- ty-one Annual Meetings of the American ThyroidAssociation, the 72nd Annual Meeting, to be held at the his- toric Breakers Resort in Palm Beach, Florida, from September 30 to October 3, 1999 is the perfect venue to begin attending; and for regular attendeesdon’t miss the opportu- nity to participate in the last Annual Meeting of the 20th century, as well as the millennium.

  • We do not need a resolution for one-day Annual Meetings for Stoner Awards.

  • Annual Meetings der American Association of Chinese Studies, University of Wyoming, 23.-25.

  • It was Annual Meetings time again.Once I had my bearings, I began worry- ing whether my colleague from Pakistan had arrived.

  • We look forward to the completion of the 15th General Review of Quotas, including a new quota formula, by the 2017 Annual Meetings.

  • Invited Panel of Society for the Anthropology of Work, Annual Meetings of American Anthropological Association, Montreal, November 2011.

  • Provisions for Regulation of Business and Conduct of Affairs of Corporation Section 7.1. Annual Meetings of Shareholders.

  • It was generally felt that the UKACCs profile was about right given the support arrangements but there was potential for greater use of sharing information between Annual Meetings via email.

Related to Annual Meetings

  • Special Meeting means a special meeting of the holders of Voting Shares, called by the Board of Directors for the purpose of approving a supplement or amendment to this Agreement pursuant to Subsection 5.4(b);

  • General Meeting means a general meeting of members convened in accordance with rule 12.

  • Regular Meeting means a scheduled meeting held in accordance with the approved calendar/schedule of meetings.

  • Meeting means any meeting of: