BID PRICES Sample Clauses

BID PRICES. 3.1 Bidders must state in the Attribute Section if the bid prices will remain firm for the full contract period; or if the bid prices will be subject to escalation/de-escalation.
BID PRICES. 12.1 Bidders shall indicate the following in the Price Schedule/SOR format:-
BID PRICES. 9.1 The bidder shall give the total composite price inclusive of all levies/charges & taxes, Labour Charges, Transportation, EPF/ESI Contribution of employer and employee, insurance and prices of incidental services etc. but excluding GST which will be paid extra at actual, wherever applicable. The price need to be individually indicated up to two decimal points only against the goods/works/services it proposes to supply/perform/execute under the contract as per the price schedule given in Section-9 Part B. The offer shall be firm in Indian Rupees. No Foreign exchange will be made available by the purchaser.
BID PRICES. All rates shall be firm and prices shall be net including all delivery and transportation charges fully prepaid by the contractor, F.O.B. Destination.
BID PRICES. 13.1 The contract shall be for the whole works as described in various documents as listed in Sub- Clause 8.1 including the priced Bill of Quantities submitted by the Bidder.
BID PRICES. Bid shall be in the form of a firm unit price for each item during the contract period.
BID PRICES. 2.1 The Bidder is advised to visit and examine the site and its surroundings and obtain for itself on its own responsibility all information that may be necessary for preparing the Bid and entering into a Contract for the required supply/job. The costs of visiting the site and cost of bidding shall be borne by the Bidder.
BID PRICES. Cylinder unit prices shall be per full cylinder, delivered. All costs involved in the supply, delivery, and testing of the cylinder shall be included in the per cylinder unit cost. A monthly rental fee will be listed as a separate line item.
BID PRICES. 11.1 The Supplier shall quote as per price schedule (in %)