Retail Prices Sample Clauses

Retail Prices. While Ohenry does not mandate that each dealer price his products at the retail prices posted on the Ohenry website, we highly recommend that company retail pricing be followed closely. The dealer should understand that attempting to sell products at an inflated price will reduce potential sales dramatically. Dealer inflated pricing will simply assure that the dealer’s potential customers will simply purchase their product directly from the factory, or another Ohenry dealer.
Retail Prices. Franchisor may recommend prices and pricing strategies for products and services. Franchisee is obligated to follow such price recommendations to the extent such obligation is consistent with applicable law and is otherwise solely responsible for establishing franchisee's own retail prices at such levels as franchisee deems appropriate.
Retail Prices. BBI and JOE’S may work together to determine appropriate suggested retail prices in the Territory to be presented strictly in compliance with law; provided however, that BBI reserves the right to sell Products at such prices as BBI, in its discretion, shall determine. BBI shall provide JOE’S on a seasonal basis with a list of its retail prices to be charged to its customers for the Products.
Retail Prices. CDC may sell Products at such prices as CDC, in ------------- its sole discretion, shall determine. CDC shall, however, provide SJ JAPAN with a list of its initial retail prices for the Products to be charged to its customers and shall keep SJ JAPAN fully informed by providing SJ JAPAN with any new list retail prices within ten (10) days of any change in such retail prices.
Retail Prices. Such prices are the rates at which consumer-households directly transact their purchases. Therefore retail prices are the preferred price type for a CPI series, whether historical or not. The problem, as mentioned above, is that, with rare exception (of which the price of bread is the most conspicuous), data on retail prices do not generally exist prior to the 20th century.
Retail Prices. In 2019, ROV and UTV manufacturerssuggested retail prices (MSRP) ranged from a minimum of $4,599 to a maximum of $53,700. When weighted by sales volume, the mean MSRP is $13,182 for ROVs and UTVs,8 which, in 2021 dollars, equates to $14,302. As shown in Figure 8, before 2013, the average ROV and UTV MSRP showed a downward trend. However, beginning in 2013, the average ROV and UTV MSRPs have increased steadily. This trend appears to be driven by increasing sales of more expensive models with higher maximum MSRPs. Figure 9 displays MSRPs for ROVs and UTVs from 2004 through 2019, in constant 2021 dollars. Figure 9: ROV & UTV Average MSRP 1. Annual Sales and Shipments Except for 2009, annual sales of ROVs and UTVs in the United States have increased steadily, from an estimated 35,041 units in 1998, to an estimated 429,135 units in 2019. Figure 10 illustrates combined ROV and UTV unit sales from 1998 through 2018.Figure 10: Unit Sales of ROV/UTVs from 1998 to 2018 8 Unless otherwise noted, the ROV/UTV product and market information is based on CPSC staff analysis of 1998– 2019 sales data provided by Power Products Marketing, Eden Prairie, MN (2020). Staff identified 35 manufacturers known to have supplied ROVs and UTVs to the U.S. market in 2019: 17 from the United States, 14 from China (including Taiwan), and one each from Canada, Mexico, South Korea, and Spain. Additionally, there are 48 distributers/brands. Staff estimated U.S. manufacturers accounted for approximately 83 percent of U.S. ROV and UTV sales in 2019, and that current members of ROHVA and/or OPEI accounted for approximately 95 percent of U.S. ROV and UTV sales in 2019.Staff identified 461 different ROV and UTV model variants and configurations sold in the United States in 2019. Excluding variants and configurations that appear to be based on a common base model, staff estimated that there may be as few as 107 unique models introduced in 2019, and they estimated a total of 672 models in use by consumers.
Retail Prices. CKK is [*] for [*] and [*]. CKK and Cadence agree that [*] may [*] by giving [*] no fewer than [*] days' prior written notice. The [*] and [*] shall be [*] for [*] the Products. Cadence's current product and price list is included in Exhibit B ("Products and Prices") attached hereto.
Retail Prices. The Web Site will be configured to include Taymark’s online Goods Catalogue and Taymark’s retail price to the Customers for the goods. Taymark will endeavor to establish prices for the Goods that are, on an overall basis, competitive with the usual and customary retail price for Goods charged by other internet based retail party goods businesses, excluding any sale or promotional items.