Automation Sample Clauses

Automation. 29.01 The Company undertakes to advise and to discuss with the Union in advance as far as possible (minimum three (3) months) of any technological change which the Company has decided to introduce which will result in significant changes in the employment status of employees.
Automation. Customer agrees that all shipping locations will use a FedEx online or FedEx compatible shipping solution that is approved and authorized by FedEx, and an agreement for the placement or use of any such shipping solution shall be accepted prior to such use.
Automation. 20.01 In the event of installation of new mechanical, electronic, or automated equipment that will affect the job status of any employee(s) in the bargaining unit, the Employer will:
Automation. The District shall give the Union notice of any proposed technological change which will cause the lay off and/or reduced hours of work for employees in the bargaining unit.
Automation. Each customs administration shall apply information technology that expedites procedures for the release of goods to support customs operations, where it is cost-effective and efficient, particularly in the paperless trading context, taking into account developments in this area within the WCO.
Automation. Each Party shall use information technologies that expedite procedures for the release of goods and shall: