Assemblies Sample Clauses

Assemblies. During the year there will be opportunities to participate in assembly programs. Behavior at school assemblies will be courteous and responsible. Sections will be assigned for assemblies held in the gym. Attendance at the assemblies is required unless otherwise specified. Misbehavior at an assembly or skipping a required assembly will result in disciplinary action. Pep assemblies are held periodically to bolster school spirit and recognize Suring students involved in co- curricular teams and activities. While students are encouraged to participate wholeheartedly in Pep Assemblies, such participation must remain within the bounds of good taste and respect for others. It is expected that all students will help make our Pep Assemblies a positive experience.
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Assemblies. All teachers in a building shall be expected to attend scheduled assemblies. Such assemblies shall be scheduled at different hours during the school day, i.e., the same hour shall not be designated more often than twice a year, whenever possible. Such rotation shall not include "pep meetings."
Assemblies. Up to four (4) times a year the District may schedule extended assemblies at the Middle School and at the High School. On a day that an extended assembly occurs, the bell schedule will be changed so that instructional periods will be approximately the same length of time. FLEXIBLE WORK DAY Certified employees who are requested by the District and who voluntarily choose to participate in their school's School Improvement Program may volunteer on an annual basis to participate in the restructuring of their seven (7) hour work day. The seven (7) hour work day includes at least one 45 minute planning period and is in addition to a 30 minute duty free lunch period. The 300 minutes per week (30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the student day) may be redistributed throughout the work week. Student contact time will not exceed 1400 minutes per week. Though the start time for staff may vary, the work day shall be seven (7) hours. Participation is voluntary and if an adjustment is needed after the restructuring of the work day, a change may be mutually agreed upon. STAFFINGS: When possible, as judged by the District, staffings will be held in the building from which the referral was made.
Assemblies. Assemblies of like entities (agencies of government) may be formed by a majority of Chapters having members in such agency petitioning the Board of Directors for the establishment of such Assembly. The name of such Assembly shall reflect the agency represented, i.e. ODOT, ODJFS etc.
Assemblies. (A) All active Chapters containing a member of the agency that forms the Assembly shall hold membership in the Assembly.
Assemblies. School assemblies are held for the benefit of the students and the faculty. Courtesy will be shown to those in charge of and participating in the program. Misbehaving students will be removed and may lose their privilege to attend assemblies in the future. Students who receive an out-of-school suspension may not be able to participate in any assemblies for the rest of the school year.
Assemblies. Assemblies are held throughout the school year as part of the school’s curriculum. A minimal fee may be charged for some programs.
Assemblies. Students are expected to move quickly and in silence going to and from prayer services and to and from the Eucharistic Celebration. Conduct at the Eucharistic Celebration, at prayer services and at all assemblies should be appropriate; that is, during Mass or prayer services students are expected to be silent, reverent and respectful. During formal assemblies students are to be attentive and courteous. Calling out, whistling, cheering, etc. are not behaviors that are appropriate during a formal assembly. Seating is assigned for all events scheduled for the auditorium; students are expected to be in assigned seats. Students will be dismissed in an orderly fashion at the conclusion of each liturgy or assembly.
Assemblies. Perform rotational- capacity tests on all black or galvanized bolt, nut, and washer assemblies before shipping. Test galvanized assemblies after galvanizing. Washers are required as part of the test, even if not required as part of the installation procedure. Perform the rotational-capacity test according to AASHTO M 164 (ASTM A 325), except as modified below: • For long bolts or bolts too short to fit the tension calibrator, test according to PTM No. 427. • Test each bolt production lot, nut lot, and washer lot in combination as an assembly. If washers are not required as part of the installation procedure, do not include in the lot identification • Assign a rotational-capacity lot number to each combination of lots tested. • Test a minimum of two assemblies per rotational-capacity lot • Test the bolt, nut, and washer assembly in a Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Calibrator or an equivalent approved device.
Assemblies. This section describes the packaging requirements for assemblies, and pump assemblies.