Approved Device definition

Approved Device means a device used for statutory purposes in
Approved Device means a device approved under or in accordance with regulations under section 49(1),
Approved Device means a device which conforms with the LAA Security Requirements document and covers both the device used to access the CHS and your CMS as well as the device that provides the telephony to make and/or receive calls;

Examples of Approved Device in a sentence

  • Except as provided in the principal terms of this Agreement, as between the parties, Licensee shall be solely responsible for, and shall bear the cost of, providing customer support to Eligible Consumers, including, without limitation, responding to Eligible Consumer inquiries related to the Approved Devices as well as the process of accessing the Programs contained on the Eligible Consumer Approved Device.

  • All Included Programs delivered by Licensee to, output from or stored on an Approved Device must be protected by a content protection system that includes digital rights management, conditional access systems and digital output protection (such system, the “Content Protection System”).

  • The Content Protection System (CPS) and/or the Approved Device on which the CPS executes shall use a hardware means ("Hardware Root of Trust") which prevents compromise via software attacks, of the Content Protection System.

  • The decryption key for the Included Programs shall be encrypted when delivered to any Approved Device.

  • These rules apply to the playing of SVOD content on any IP connected Approved Device.

More Definitions of Approved Device

Approved Device means a Software Device or Hardware Device (i) designed to directly receive audio-visual programming and a decryption key via Approved Delivery and output such programming for exhibition on its associated video monitor and (ii) capable of enforcing (a) the security and content protection specifications set forth on Schedule B attached hereto or such other specifications reasonably agreed to by the parties and (b) the usage rules set forth on Schedule D attached hereto.
Approved Device means a device of a description specified in an order made by the appropriate national authority;
Approved Device means Target Devices and/or Portable Devices and/or Streaming Devices, collectively; provided, however, that in each case, Target Devices and/or Portable Devices and/or Streaming Devices shall be Approved Devices only to the extent they comply with the Target Device-specific or Portable Device-specific or Streaming Device-specific, as applicable, requirements and limitations set forth herein (e.g., the limitations and obligations in the Approved Format, Approved Transmission Means, the Usage Rules, and the content protection and DRM requirements set forth in the attached schedules hereto, etc.); provided, further, however, that solely with respect to 4K Included Programs being distributed pursuant to the 4K Rights, Approved Devices shall mean only 4K Approved Devices. Approved Devices shall run on an Approved Operating System, provided that, those devices listed on Schedule A shall be exempt from this requirement.
Approved Device means a tag, mark, transponder or other device approved by the director under regulation 11 for the identification of a designated animal;
Approved Device means either an approved screening device or an approved measuring device;