Container Sample Clauses

Container. An intermodal cargo carrying device capable of road transport when mounted on a chassis or other suitable device. [Revised 11/18/09]
Container. The term “Container” means a bag, supplied by Contractor for use by the Residential Customer to set out Soft Recyclables.
Container any receptacle of goods with a standard shape and standard dimensions adjusted for carriage of goods, which can be separated from the means of transport (lorry, trailer) and which is designed and built for repeated carriage of goods and can be handled by lifting gear and various mechanisms.
Container. This term has the meaning set forth in Appendix A to the Indenture.
Container. Any marine and maritime container (including dry cargo containers, refrigerated containers (including the associated refrigeration machine), generator sets, gps devices and Specialized Containers) to which any Person either (i) has good title and that is held for lease or sale or (ii) is lessor under any Finance Lease.
Container. Any dry cargo, refrigerated, tank or special purpose container (including, but not limited to, open top, bulk, flat rack, high cube and cellular palletwide containers) owned by the Issuer and held for lease or hire.
Container. Any and all types of receptacles, including carts, bins and roll-offs, used pursuant to the terms of this Agreement for the Collection of Refuse, Recyclable Materials, Green Waste, or other Solid Waste.
Container. This term shall have the meaning set forth in Section 101 of the Loan Agreement.