Aggrieved Sample Clauses

Aggrieved the person(s) who alleges a violation of this Agreement.
Aggrieved. A member or members of the unit and/or the Association asserting a grievance is referred to as the aggrieved. When the Association files a grievance in its own name it must identify unit member(s) who has been adversely affected unless it is a site- wide or district issue.
Aggrieved the employee who initiates a grievance, provided that the employee must be directly injured as defined above by the conduct complained of in the grievance. Any individual employee affected by the grievance may have it adjusted (including the dismissal thereof) without the intervention of the Chapter if:
Aggrieved. An “aggrieved” is the employee or employees making the claim.
Aggrieved. A member of the unit asserting a grievance is referred to as "the aggrieved." The Association shall be referred to as "the aggrieved" when the Association is grieving a violation of Article 4 (Association Rights) or Article 12 (Transfers and Reassignments).
Aggrieved. The lodging of any grievance shall be the exclusive right of the individual unit member or the B.F.T. The B.F.T. shall have the right to lodge a grievance on its own behalf or to appeal any action of the grievance of an individual unit member. Any class action grievance shall identify all of the affected members prior to arbitration.
Aggrieved. 2. Position Building
Aggrieved. An Aggrieved is the Union and/or the Employee.