Covenants of the Parties Sample Clauses

Covenants of the Parties. (a) Tax-free Reorganization. The Parties intend that the Merger qualify as a Tax-free “reorganization” under Sections 368(a) of the Code, as amended, and the Parties will take the position for all purposes that the Merger shall qualify as a reorganization under such Section. In addition, the Parties covenant and agree that they will not engage in any action, or fail to take any action, which action or failure to take action would reasonably be expected to cause the Merger to fail to qualify as a Tax-free “reorganization” under Section 368(a) of the Code, whether or not otherwise permitted by the provisions of this Agreement;
Covenants of the Parties. Buyer and Seller covenant and agree as follows:
Covenants of the Parties. Each of the Parties hereto agrees that:
Covenants of the Parties. After the date hereof and prior to the Effective Time or earlier termination of this Agreement, Parent and the Company each agree as follows, each as to itself and to each of its subsidiaries, except as expressly contemplated or permitted in this Agreement, or to the extent the other parties hereto shall otherwise consent in writing:
Covenants of the Parties. 5.1. The Acquired Fund and the Acquiring Fund each will operate its business in the ordinary course between the date hereof and the Closing Date, it being understood that such ordinary course of business will include purchases and sales of portfolio securities, sales and redemptions of fund shares, and regular and customary periodic dividends and distributions.
Covenants of the Parties. 11 3.1 PRE-MERGER COVENANTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 (a)
Covenants of the Parties a. MSSB will promptly notify the Partnerships and the General Partner if it becomes aware of any Covered Person who is or becomes the subject of a Disqualifying Event.