ACH Sample Clauses

ACH. If you choose to link your bank account, you will be requested to select your bank among a directory of banks and you will be prompted to provide your bank user name and password and to select the particular account. You may also confirm your bank account by confirming micro deposits in lieu of using your user name and password. (b)
ACH. All payments due to Lender must be, at Lender’s option, paid to Lender in cash or through ACH. Borrower shall execute and deliver the ACH Authorization Form substantially in the form of Exhibit G. If the ACH payment arrangement is terminated for any reason, Borrower shall make all payments due to Lender at Lender’s address specified in Section 11.
ACH. Prior to the Closing Date, Buyer will notify all Automated Clearing House (“ACH”) originators effecting debits or credits to the accounts of the Deposit Liabilities of the purchase and assumption transactions contemplated by this Agreement. For a period of one hundred twenty (120) days beginning on the Closing Date, Seller will honor all ACH items related to accounts of Deposit Liabilities which are mistakenly routed or presented to Seller. Seller will make no charge to Buyer for honoring such items, and will use its best efforts to transmit to Buyer via facsimile, by 10:00 a.m. or as soon as practicable thereafter, each day’s ACH data that is to be posted that day. Items mistakenly routed or presented after the 120-day period may be returned to the presenting party. Seller and Buyer shall make arrangements to provide for the daily settlement with immediately available funds by Buyer of any ACH items honored by Seller.
ACH. In order to satisfy Borrower’s payment of amounts due under the Loans and all fees, expenses and charges with respect thereto that are due and payable under this Agreement or any other Loan Document, Borrower hereby irrevocably authorizes the Lender to initiate manual and automatic electronic (debit and credit) entries through the Automated Clearing House or other appropriate electronic payment system (“ACH”) to all deposit accounts maintained by Borrower, wherever located. At the request of the Lender, Borrower shall complete, execute and deliver to the institution set forth below (with a copy to the Lender) any ACH agreement, voided check, information and/or direction letter reasonably necessary to so instruct Borrower’s depository institution. Borrower (i) shall maintain in all respects this ACH arrangement; (ii) shall not change depository institutions without Lender’s prior written consent, and if consent is received, shall immediately execute similar ACH instruction(s), and (iii) waives any and all claims for loss or damage arising out of debits or credits to/from the depository institution, whether made properly or in error. Borrower has so communicated with and instructed the institution(s) set forth in Section 1(e) of the Loan Agreement Schedule.
ACH. Is an abbreviation for an automated clearing house transac- tion, which is an electronic credit to or debit from an account with us processed through an automated clearing house network. An ACH is an electronic fund transfer (EFT).
ACH. The Subrecipient shall complete and sign the State of Nebraska Automated Clearing House (ACH) Enrollment Form and obtain the necessary information and signatures from its financial institution. The completed form must be submitted before payments to Subrecipient can be made. ACH Form: xxxx:// Source: Neb. Rev. Stat. §§ 81-2401 through 81-2408; 2 CFR § 200.302 or 45 CFR § 75.302.
ACH. Lessee shall complete, execute and deliver to Lessor an Authorization for Automatic Payment form, which authorizes Lessor to deduct payments of Basic Rent directly from Lessee's checking or savings account at a specified financial institution in accordance with this Lease and the Lease Schedules.
ACH. Each Lender which elects to receive payments under this Agreement via ACH shall have received from the Credit Parties all ACH debit forms and any other documents required therefor.