Savings Account definition

Savings Account means an account, which is based on Mudarabah and its profit shall be calculated based on the profit earned on any balance maintained above the minimum threshold or average threshold (as may be agreed upon with the Bank).
Savings Account means a deposit account, other than an escrow account established pursuant to section 49-2a, into which savings deposits may be made and which account must be evidenced by periodic statements delivered at least semiannually or by a passbook;
Savings Account means an account which a depositor maintains with a society and in which he may not keep a larger credit balance than is determined by the rules of the society and from which he may not without the consent of the society, make a withdrawal at shorter notice, according to the amount to be withdrawn, than is determined by the rules of the society;

Examples of Savings Account in a sentence

  • For employees enrolled in a HDHP and eligible for a Health Savings Account (HSA), in accordance with I.R.C. 223-HSAs, the Employer will contribute into a HSA for employees as follows: By October 11, 2023, the Employer will submit contribution of three-hundred dollars ($300) for employees selecting coverage as a single employee, and four-hundred dollars ($400) for employees selecting coverage as a two-party/family into their HSA account at the HSA bank.

  • The saver will have to reapply for the Prosperity Savings Account Program.

  • Prior to opening a Prosperity Savings Account, the applicant must provide an accurate annual household budget which includes their savings goal amount.

  • Bargaining Unit members selecting the High Deductible Health Plan with the Health Savings Account will pay 10% of the monthly insurance premium for a family plan and 7% of the monthly premium for a single plan.

  • The Board will also match up to $1,200 annually for a family plan and up to $600 annually for a single plan to be deposited directly into the bargaining unit member’s Health Savings Account.

More Definitions of Savings Account

Savings Account means any savings account maintained with the bank, excluding those accounts which are opened in the name minors, either individually or jointly.
Savings Account means SuperSaver Savings Account
Savings Account means an interest-bearing account not subject to withdrawal by check or other
Savings Account means any deposit or other account at a depository institution
Savings Account means a deposit or other account at a depository institution that is not a transaction account.
Savings Account means the monetary interest of the owner thereof in the aggregate of savings accounts in the associa- tion and consists of the withdrawal value of such interest.
Savings Account means any withdrawable account, except a de- mand account, a tax and loan account, a note account, a United States Treas- ury general account, or a United States Treasury time deposit-open account.