Accessory Sample Clauses

Accessory. A piece of additional equipment that is not necessary for the standard operation of the base unit, but may be added before or after shipping in order to enhance or change printer performance. Examples of accessories include finishers, sorters, additional paper supply devices, and duplex units. An accessory may be sold separately under its own model number, or sold with a base unit as part of a printer.
Accessory or “Accessories” means other secondary component(s) that are supplied with the Product at the time of sale and included in the box, which may include the Headset cable, provided that these Accessories were manufactured by or for HTC and can be identified by the “VIVE” or “HTC” trademark, trade name, or logo affixed to the to the component, if present, as originally supplied.
Accessory uses which are not accessory buildings, including swimming pools, hot tubs, play structures, animal shelters of less than 36 square feet in area, and landscape elements that do not provide any shelter for human occupancy, provided all other conditions and performance standards are met.
Accessory or “Accessories” means a secondary or auxiliary element included in the box with the "Product" at the time of sale and may include without limitation: Headset cable, USb cable, Display port cable and Power adapter; provided that the component was manufactured by or for HTC and can be identified by the “HTC” or “VIVE” trademark, trade name, or logo affixed to the component as originally supplied.
Accessory. Any casting other than a pipe or fitting which is used in a pipeline. ✓ Glands and bolts for mechanical flexible joints✓ Glands, bolt and lock rings for restrained flexible joints.✓ Pipe saddles for service cocks connection;✓ Adjustable flanges and flanges to be welded or screwed onNote :Valves of all types are not covered by the term accessory.
Accessory. You will own the Accessory from the Start Date. EE does not retain ownership of the Accessory to which this agreement applies.
Accessory. Ancillary Uuse" shall mean the operation of one 1 to 10 mechanical
Accessory an extra component attached to the bicycle (screwed or not).3
Accessory. A use, separate building or structure, which is usually incidental, subordinate, and located on the same lot as the principal use, building or structure. AGRICULTURAL BUILDINGAny building or structure customarily used in connection with a farm other than a residence. AGRICULTURAL USEAny agricultural use or uses, structures or buildings accessory thereto, including field crops, animal husbandry, horticultural nurseries and any other use customarily carried on in the field of general agriculture, including the sale on the premises of produce grown or raised on the premises, and riding schools or boarding stables, except specialized agricultural uses as defined herein. ANIMAL SHELTERLands and buildings used for the keeping of animals, birds or other livestock and may include the premises of a veterinary surgeon. ASPHALT PLANTMeans an industrial establishment used for the production of asphalt or asphalt products used in building or construction and includes facilities for the administration of the business, the stockpiling of bulk materials used in the production process or a finished product manufactured on the premises and the storage and maintenance of required equipment. ASPHALT PLANT, PORTABLEMeans a temporary asphalt plant established for a public road project. ASSEMBLY HALLA building, or part of a building, in which facilities are provided for such purposes as meetings for civic, educational, political, religious or social purposes and may include a bingo hall, a banquet hall, private club or fraternal organization. ASSISTED LIVING FACILITYA facility providing supervised or supportive in-house care for those who need assistance with daily living, that may also provide on-going medical or nursing care or counselling and social support services and which may include such services as medical, counselling and personal services. ATTACHEDA building otherwise complete in itself, which depends, for structural support or complete enclosure, upon a division wall or walls shared in common with adjacent building or buildings. ART GALLERYA building, place or area where paintings, sculptures or other works of art are exhibited or sold.
Accessory. E/I pairs that differ between isolates and diversify the effector repertoire (36, 45). To