Software Installation Sample Clauses

Software Installation. The AGENCY shall request approval in writing from the COUNTY prior to installation of any software on COUNTY computer equipment. All software installations must be supervised by COUNTY technical support staff and proof of licensing is required. Upon completion, the AGENCY is responsible for reconfiguring the computers back to the original state.
Software Installation. CD-ROM drive for software installation --MS Windows version XP or Vista --Minimum 6 MB disk space available --Windows compatible printer To install the full Windows and DOS software package:
Software Installation. The installation date for the software products shall be established in accordance with the provisions below:
Software Installation. Promptly after delivery of the Software and Documentation to the Site, Licensor shall install and configure the Software in accordance with agreed standard business practices. The Software installation and acceptance process will incorporate the following steps:
Software Installation. Customer may be required to download certain software and install such software on point-of-sale devices and peripherals to enable integration with the Cloud Service. Customer is responsible for installing the software in accordance with the Documentation and applying all updates and patches to the software provided. The software supports the operating system and database management systems described in SAP Note 2938296. Customer may not install or use the software or updates and patches on any other infrastructure.
Software Installation. If necessary, Licensee agrees to provide the Licensor’s authorized employees and contractors with access to Licensee’s network infrastructure in order to install the Software and provide the Services to the Licensee through the operation of the Software.
Software Installation. 1. Insert the WorldPenScan setup CD into the CD-ROM drive. Run the Setup and click [WorldPenScan] on the Installation window to install.
Software Installation. During the installation process, the Software may uninstall or disable other similar security products/services, or features of such products/services, if such products/services or features are incompatible with the Software or for purposes of improving the overall functionality of the Software.
Software Installation. 1. Insert the WorldPenScan setup CD into the CD-ROM drive. The installation program will start automatically. Click [WorldPenScan] to install WorldPenScan.
Software Installation. 1. Place the installation CD in the CD/DVD-ROM drive and the system will automatically run [Setup.exe]. Please click on [Install WorldocScan X] to begin the installation process. WorldocScan X