Software Installation Sample Clauses

Software Installation. Promptly after delivery of the Software and Documentation to the Site, Licensor shall install and configure the Software in accordance with Schedule F. The Software installation and acceptance process will incorporate the following steps:
Software Installation. If necessary, Licensee agrees to provide the Licensor’s authorized employees and contractors with access to Licensee’s network infrastructure in order to install the Software and provide the Services to the Licensee through the operation of the Software.
Software Installation. The Integration Specialist will install any additional iTVFusion components on the iTVFusion servers to support the indicated Video On Demand system.
Software Installation. During the installation process, the Software may uninstall or disable other similar security products/services, or features of such products/services, if such products/services or features are incompatible with the Software or for purposes of improving the overall functionality of the Software.
Software Installation. 1. Insert the WorldPenScan setup CD into the CD-ROM drive. The installation program will start automatically. Click [WorldPenScan] to install WorldPenScan.
Software Installation. If you use an installation CD, the installation starts automatically. You can also manually call the file setup.exe. If you download the program from Internet, execute the file install .exe. There are files setup.exe, setup.w02, … extracted. Then you can start setup.exe. After selecting the language for the installation you are prompted for the destination drive. If your operating system is Windows NT and you choose the installation directory for PrimCAM, don’t put any spaces into the installation path (like c: \program files\primcam). This will cause an error message „Hardlock not found“ because the installation program cannot install the hardlock driver into a path containing spaces. Also make sure that you are logged in as a system administrator when installing PrimCAM, because that’s the only way the hardlock driver can be installed. If PrimCAM has already been installed on the indicated directory, you are asked whether you would like to make a new installation or an update. ? ? Update: The new version of PrimCAM will be installed, but all your old configuration files, tables, tool-, material- and part libraries will be kept. ? ? New installation: PrimCAM will be installed completely new. Thereby old tables, tool- and material libraries and so forth are overwritten with the factory settings. Now PrimCAM is copied to the computer and decompressed. At the end of the process, the file README.TXT is presented, which contains the most actual information.