Accept Sample Clauses

Accept. The term “Accept,” and all other tenses of the word, used alone or as a modifier to another defined term (e.g., ‘Accepting Participant’), indicates a Participant’s agreement to provide its Information (in the form of either De-Identified Information or a Limited Data Set) for a Feasibility Query or Research Project pursuant to a Request for such Participant’s involvement. A Participant may only Accept a Feasibility Query or Research Project in accordance with Section 4.02(d)(ii) or 4.02(g)(ii), as applicable.
Accept accept either the new Event Dates and/or the new Event Venue(s) in which case this Agreement shall remain in force in respect of the revised Event Dates and/or Event Venue(s), as the case may be;
Accept. Accept. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Intel CSR ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CSR -- Customization Specification Review CDR -- Customization Design Review OSST -- On-Site System Test Fis -- Federal Interface Subsystem PRSR -- pre-Ready-to-Ship Review RSR -- Ready-to-Ship Review xxAT -- xxxxx Acceptance Test CD -- Customization Demonstration xxIT -- xxxxx Installation Test Exhibit 1-1 XImage Milestones and Schedule Revision D --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -...
Accept. I hereby consent to the administration of the drug test and to the terms and conditions of the Consent Agreement. Applicant’s Signature Date Social Security Number Witness’ Signature Date REFUSE I hereby refuse the drug detection urine test Applicant’s Signature Date Social Security Number
Accept. 12.1 Both parties agree and guarantee that this Data Processor Agreement is entered into and accepted by persons that are authorised and have the necessary mandate to do so.
Accept hold, invest, protect, administer, and disburse funds received from the State and other sources under the exceptional faculty awards program in accordance with RCW 28B.50.835–.844 and WAC 131-16-450, and any instructions provided by the College pursuant to exceptional faculty awards rules, regulations, and agreements. The Foundation will invest the permanent endowment corpus in insured/guaranteed/protected earnings categories normally used by the Foundation. If the Foundation ceases to exist or function properly, or fails to provide the services specified in this Agreement, the ownership, management, and control of all such funds shall, upon notice and in accordance with the directions from the College Board of Trustees, be transferred to the college. The Foundation further agrees that at the end of each fiscal year it will provide a report and accounting of the endowment corpus and interest and any appreciation in value earned by the exceptional faculty award fund. The Foundation further agrees to provide to the College any other such information the College may request regarding the endowment funds.
Accept. The acceptance of a deed by the BUYER or his nominee, ANCE OF as the case may be, shall be deemed to be a full DEED performance and discharge of every agreement and obligation herein contained or expressed, except such as are, by the terms hereof, to be performed after the delivery of said deed.
Accept offer 4.01(h).....offer consitutes prop 4.01(h)(ii)....per share consider ? ?.....................offer.price 4.02............preemptive.rights 4.03.................right.compel 4.03(a) 5...................regist.rights 5.01................demand.regist 5.01(a)...........written.request 5.01(a)(ii).....