A and B Sample Clauses

A and B. The use of facilities for the purpose of delivery will not be considered a permanent establishment provided that these facilities are not used as sales-outlets in the Contracting State where these facilities are situated. The maintenance of a stock of goods or merchandise belonging to the enterprise solely for the purpose of delivery will not be considered a permanent provided that these goods or merchandise are not sold in the Contracting State where the stock is situated.
A and B. B. 1. Except as otherwise provided in this Article, upon separation from State service, a maximum fifteen (15) hours in an employee’s medical leave bank shall be transferred to a Union Catastrophic Medical Leave Bank.
A and B. During the post-trip inspection, the bus must be swept and re-fueled. Extra trips will be paid at $12.52 per hour .
A and B above shall be prepared in accordance with the format as depicted in the sample report and the reporting requirements attached as Exhibit E, and shall be submitted to Owner by Manager, with respect to a particular month within thirty (30) days following the final day of such month.
A and B. D. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, with respect to any Redemption pursuant to this Section 8.6:
A and B. The parties hereby agree and accept to amend Provision 2.02 items B and C of the Lease Agreement, as follows:
A and B. E. If a unit member is bumped or has a class cancelled within one week of the initial class meeting, the unit member shall be paid for the equivalent of the first three hours of the cancelled assignment. The unit member must submit a timesheet to be paid for the three hours. If a class is cancelled after the initial meeting, the employee will be paid for the time worked. The appropriate instructional xxxx will make a good faith effort to notify the unit member that they are entitled to compensation if the class was cancelled within a week of the start date.
A and B. Replace Section A and B in their entirety with the following:
A and B. For Reportable Events under Section III.K.1.a and III.K.1.b, the report to OIG shall include:
A and B. 6. Engineer’s review and approval of a Shop Drawing or Sample, or of a variation from the requirements of the Contract Documents, shall not, under any circumstances, change the Contract Times or Contract Price, unless such changes are included in a Change Order.