Closing Date Uses in Examinations and Investigations Clause

Examinations and Investigations from Asset Purchase Agreement

This ASSET PURCHASE AGREEMENT (the Agreement), dated as of January 4, 2017, is entered into by and among Patriot Bioenergy Corporation, a Kentucky corporation, (the Seller''), and Real Estate Contacts, Inc. (REAC), a Florida corporation (the Buyer'').

Examinations and Investigations. Prior to the Closing Date, Seller will afford Buyer and his representatives full and free access to the Seller's personnel, properties, contracts, books and records and other documents or data and will furnish Buyer and his representatives with copies of all contracts, books, records and other existing documents and data as Buyer may reasonably request, and will furnish Buyer and his representatives with such additional financial, operating and other data and information as Buyer may reasonable request in order to verify that the representation and warranties of Seller contained herein remain complete and correct that there has occurred no material adverse change.