Sanitary landfill definition

Sanitary landfill means a method of disposing of refuse on land without creating nuisances or hazards to public health or safety by utilizing engineering principles to confine the refuse to the smallest practical area, to reduce it to the smallest volume, and to cover it with a layer of earth frequently as may be required by the permit.
Sanitary landfill means a disposal facility for solid waste so located, designed and operated that it

Examples of Sanitary landfill in a sentence

  • The following is the County’s major enterprise fund: Sanitary landfill fund - This fund accounts for fees collected at the County landfill for dumping waste.

  • The likelihood of achieving the PDO is enhanced by the strict enforcement of the 2009 environmental legislation, under threat of penalties, requiring that all municipal waste be disposed of in sanitary landfills which has compelled several coastal municipalities, including Kotor, Budva, Tivat and Bar, to dispose of their wastes in the Podgorica Sanitary landfill in the short-term.

  • Sanitary landfill -- Consists of the disposal of refuse on land and the daily compaction and covering of the refuse with 6 to 12 inches of earth so as to prevent a health haz- ard or nuisance.

More Definitions of Sanitary landfill

Sanitary landfill means a sanitary disposal project where solid waste is buried between layers of earth.
Sanitary landfill means a solid waste disposal facility regulated by the Department of Health and Environmental Control.
Sanitary landfill means a solid waste facility, at which solid waste is deposited on or into the land as fill for the purpose of permanent disposal or storage for a period of time exceeding six months, except that it does not include any waste facility approved for disposal of hazardous waste.
Sanitary landfill means a facility for disposal of solid waste on land in a sanitary manner in accordance with the rules concerning sanitary landfills adopted under this Article.
Sanitary landfill means a permitted disposal site where solid waste is buried between layers of earth.
Sanitary landfill or “SLF” means the Sanitary Landfill Site to be developed, constructed and operated by the Concessionaire at the allocated site in conformance with the terms of this Agreement for disposal of Residual Inert Matter and Rejected Waste; and the site where the Concessionaire conducts a final and safe disposal of Residual Inert Matter, Residual Solid Waste and inert waste, which is designed with protective measures against pollution of ground water, surface water and fugitive air dust, wind-blown litter, bad odour, fire hazard, animal menace, bird menace, pests or rodents, green-house gas emissions, persistent organic pollutants slope instability and erosion in accordance with the terms of this Agreement;
Sanitary landfill means a type of disposal area consisting of 1 or more landfill units and the active work areas associated with those units. Sanitary landfills are classified as 1 of the following types of landfills: