adjacent land definition

adjacent land means all land that borders a property and all land that would have bordered a property, if they were not separated by a river, road, railway line, power transmission line, pipeline, or a similar feature;
adjacent land means land that is contiguous to the parcel of land that is the subject of an application and includes land that would be contiguous if not for a highway, road, river or stream;
adjacent land means land that is contiguous to the parcel of land that is being redesignated and includes

Examples of adjacent land in a sentence

  • A summary of the present use of land adjacent to the roadway is shown below.Table 6: Adjacent Land Use Ref.

  • The Vendor, with the full cooperation of the Purchaser, shall use its best endeavours to cause the Adjacent Land to be transferred to the Purchaser at its sole cost and expense within three years from the Completion Date or by the last day the Vendor remains as the tenant of the Property pursuant to the Tenancy Agreement, whichever is the earlier (the “Cut-Off Date”).

More Definitions of adjacent land

adjacent land means land that is contiguous to a particular parcel of land and includes:
adjacent land. - means land that is contiguous to the parcel of land in question and includes;
adjacent land means the real property owned by the applicable Offeree that is adjacent to the applicable Captive Property To Be Sold.
adjacent land means the land as depicted in Appendix 4 hereto;
adjacent land means land which is on either side of the subject property, as well as land touching the rear boundary of the subject property and land which is across the street from the subject property;
adjacent land means land that is next to or adjoining to the Undeveloped Road Allowance.
adjacent land means any real property adjacent to the real property described in Exhibit A also referred to as the Gateway Oasis Tract.