adjacent land definition

adjacent land means all land that borders a property and all land that would have bordered a property, if they were not separated by a river, road, railway line, power transmission line, pipeline, or a similar feature;
adjacent land means land that is contiguous to the parcel of land that is the subject of an application and includes land that would be contiguous if not for a highway, road, river or stream;
adjacent land means land that is contiguous to the parcel of land that is being redesignated and includes

Examples of adjacent land in a sentence

  • Adjacent land needed for the enterprise may include aircraft, vehicles, and equipment parking areas, and outside storage of materials approved by the Roundup Airport Board.

  • Adjacent land features with all of the requirements included above within 300 feet of the perimeter of the mine, and all platted subdivision lots, metes and bounds parcels, and homes within 1/4 mile of the property boundaries.

  • Adjacent land can be used to grow food that can be sold in local markets.

  • The screening criteria included the following factors: • Directness of route,• Number and types of trail crossings (driveways and intersections),• Street and arterial classification,• Adjacent land uses, and• Right-of-way width.At the workshop, each route segment was evaluated to create reasonable alignments that best meet the project objective.

  • Adjacent land uses, property owners, zoning and location of adjacent buildings or structures, property lines, rights of ways, abutting streets, drives, curb cuts, access easements, and parking within 100 feet of subject property.

More Definitions of adjacent land

adjacent land means land that is contiguous to a particular parcel of land and includes:
adjacent land. - means land that is contiguous to the parcel of land in question and includes;
adjacent land means the real property owned by the applicable Offeree that is adjacent to the applicable Captive Property To Be Sold.
adjacent land means the land as depicted in Appendix 4 hereto;
adjacent land means land that is next to or adjoining to the Undeveloped Road Allowance.
adjacent land means adjacent land under the care, control and management of the Minister;
adjacent land means vacant land owned by the ShoLodge Parties and their affiliates adjacent to the Properties located in San Antonio, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia, Dallas, Texas, Austin, Texas and Hendersonville, Tennessee.