Zoning Administrator definition

Zoning Administrator means the administrator of these rules who is appointed by the natural resources commission.
Zoning Administrator means the administrator of the Sawyer County Zoning and Conservation Department.
Zoning Administrator means the administrator of these rules who is appointed by the commission.

Examples of Zoning Administrator in a sentence

  • Any appeal must be made in the form required by the Zoning Administrator.

  • No alteration of this proposal shall be permitted unless approved by the Plan Commission, provided, however, the Zoning Administrator may issue permits for minor alterations.

  • The intra-block drainage easements shall be graded with the construction of each principle structure in accordance with the approved storm water drainage plan on file with the City Engineer and the Zoning Administrator, as amended in accordance with the Madison General Ordinances.

  • The sign shall be posted in accordance with the Zoning Administrator guidelines and shall remain in place until a building permit is issued for the project.

  • The Developer agrees to obtain approval from the Zoning Administrator of drawings showing compliance with this condition prior to the issuance of the Footing to Grade Permit.

More Definitions of Zoning Administrator

Zoning Administrator means the West Valley City Zoning Administrator as appointed by the City Manager or his or her designee.
Zoning Administrator means the official of Marion Township or authorized representative charged with the responsibility of administrating this Ordinance.
Zoning Administrator means the officer or employee of the Corporation charged with the duty of enforcing the provisions of this By-law.
Zoning Administrator means the individual so designated by the county executive for Winnebago County to perform those duties enumerated in chapters 23 (Town/County Zoning Code) and 27 (Shoreland Zoning Code) of the general code of Winnebago County.
Zoning Administrator means the Zoning Administrator for the Town of Colchester.
Zoning Administrator means the zoning administrator appointed by the City Council.