Visitors definition

Visitors means any visitor, user, subscriber or viewer of the i*Trade@CIMB Portal.
Visitors means any person or persons, exclud- ing students as defined above, who come upon the campus as guests[,] and any person or persons who lawfully visit the campus for the purposes which are in keeping with the col- lege's role as an institution of higher learning in the state of Washington.

Examples of Visitors in a sentence

  • Visitors will be expected to wear clothing which is in good taste.

  • Sign-In of Visitors and VolunteersEach volunteer MUST sign in and out in the school office.

  • Visitors will enjoy new skate-able street elements and colored and textured surfaces that will be especially attractive to street skaters and beginners.

  • The Committee also agreed with the conclusion that any review and revision of an existing Site Guidelines for Visitors (SGVs) should ensure that the guidance addresses the need to protect any historical or cultural values of the site.

  • Visitors with conflicting numbers are required to change their number as directed by NST officials.E. RACING INJURIES‌1.

More Definitions of Visitors

Visitors. Parking Permit" means a permit issued under the provisions of Part L of this Order and "visitors' permit holder" means a person to or for whom such permit has been issued;
Visitors means the person(s) attending the Exhibition.
Visitors. Committee’’ means a committee appointed under section 94.
Visitors means users of AT&T WorldNet Service's public sites on the Internet who are not Members; and "Users" means Members and Visitors, collectively.