Occupant definition

Occupant means any person or persons over the age of eighteen years in possession of the property.
Occupant means any Person occupying all or any portion of a Lot or other property located within the Community for any period of time, regardless of whether such Person is a tenant of the Owner of such property.
Occupant means the owner or operator of a recreational vehicle who has occupied a lot in a park for 30 days or less.

Examples of Occupant in a sentence

  • Acceptance of any portion of a Housing Fee payment from any person other than a Permitted Occupant is also an unpermitted occupancy agreement that constitutes a breach of this Agreement and may result in immediate termination of the Agreement.

  • Occupant shall provide, at Occupant’s own expense, a lock that Occupant deems sufficient to secure space.

  • Customer Signature Date START DATE New Braunfels Utilities Representative Date In-Office Use Only 🞏 Name Change 🞏 Inside Account # Occupant # Customer # Start Date Only 🞏 Outside Service Order # Transfer Account # Cycle Route Set Perm Temp Drawing # E W I S G R FH XX.XX.

  • If the space is found unlocked Owner may, but is not obligated to, take whatever measures Owner deems reasonable to re-secure the space, with or without notice to Occupant.

More Definitions of Occupant

Occupant means any person having official residence in a certified child foster home.
Occupant means any person, over one year of age, living, sleeping, cooking, or eating in, or having actual possession of, a dwelling unit or rooming unit.
Occupant means any person residing in, or using the facilities of, an adult foster home including the individuals, licensee, resident manager, friends, family members, a person receiving day care services, and room and board tenants.
Occupant means the resident or residents of a premises to which utility service is provided.
Occupant means a person who occupies a site in a campground.
Occupant means any person, including a live-in care
Occupant means an individual, family, business, including the operation of a farm, or a nonprofit organization, required by a public agency to vacate real property because of a public improvement project.