Degradation definition

Degradation means a decrease in the useful life of the right-of-way caused by excavation in or disturbance of the right-of-way, resulting in the need to reconstruct such right-of-way earlier than would be required if the excavation or disturbance did not occur.
Degradation means a change in water quality that lowers the quality of high-quality waters for a
Degradation means a change in water quality that lowers the quality of high-quality waters for a parameter. The term does not include those changes in water quality determined to be nonsignificant pursuant to 75-5-301(5)(c).

Examples of Degradation in a sentence

Jinko warrants that the Degradation Rate shall not exceed the amount for the applicable period following the Warranty Start Date as set forth below (“Monofacial Module Limited Power Warranty”).

Degradation of the extracellular matrix leads to infarct expansion manifested by myocardial wall thinning and often, aneurysmal dilation with subsequent ventricular enlargement.

To the extent that the Net Heat Rate (beginning with the first test of the Net Heat Rate after the determination of the Initial Net Heat Rate) is less than the Initial Net Heat Rate (after application of the Degradation Curve) all of the difference will be accrued as Heat Rate Credits.

Degradation of service is expected during maintenance windows, and as such, no service credits shall be issued for issues arising during a maintenance window.

Degradation attributed to the steam turbine shall be based on enthalpy drop test results in accordance with Steam Turbine Generator guarantees.

More Definitions of Degradation

Degradation means any adverse change in water quality or designated uses.
Degradation means any behaviour towards humiliating another, causing loss of respect or standing in the school community;
Degradation means, consistent with IPCC definitions, direct human-induced long-term loss (persisting for X years or more) of at least Y per cent of forest carbon stocks (and forest values) since time (T) and not qualifying as deforestation. The variables in this definition would be jurisdiction-dependent.
Degradation means any condition caused by the activities of humans which result in the prolonged impairment of any constituent of the aquatic environment.
Degradation means a lowering of the existing water quality in the surface waters of the state.