Medical support definition

Medical support means either the provision of a health benefit plan, including a group or employment-related or an individual health benefit plan, or a health benefit plan provided pursuant to Iowa Code chapter 514E to meet the medical needs of a dependent and the cost of any premium re- quired by a health benefit plan, or the payment to the obligee of a monetary amount in lieu of a health benefit plan, either of which is an obligation separate from any monetary amount of child support or- dered to be paid. Medical support is not alimony.
Medical support means providing health care coverage for a joint child by carrying health care coverage for the joint child or by contributing to the cost of health care coverage, public coverage, unreimbursed medical expenses, and uninsured medical expenses of the joint child.
Medical support means cash medical support and health care coverage.

Examples of Medical support in a sentence

  • Medical support is included on all administrative orders for child support established by the Family Support Division.At the time the provider obtains MO HealthNet and third party resource information from the child’s caretaker, the provider should ask whether this type of resource exists.

  • The recipient and/or responsible party shall cooperate with Medicaid and providers in obtaining Medical support or payments.

  • Medical support is a primary resource.If the third party resource is derived from a non-custodial parent whose medical support obligation isbeing enforced by the Family Support Division 42 CFR 433.139 (b)(3)requires the state Medicaid agency to pay and chase these claims when the provider has billed the TPR and been unable to obtain payment and 100 days have passed since the date of service.

  • Medical support: laboratory, x-ray, pharmaceutical services provided under order from a physician by licensed professionals.

  • Medical support refers to the obligation that a parent has to pay for his or her child’s medical care, either through the provision of health insurance coverage or direct payment of medical bills.

More Definitions of Medical support

Medical support means health or dental insurance coverage or health benefits ordered to be paid by a parent(s) for the benefit of a minor child(ren).
Medical support means cash contributions by a Child's Parent for all or a portion of the Child's ongoing medical expenses in accordance with a court order or judgment, pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, § 518.171.
Medical support means either or both:
Medical support means either the provision of health care coverage or the payment of cash medical support. “Medical support” is not alimony.
Medical support means a provision in a support order that requires the purchase
Medical support means to provide health care coverage in the form of health insurance or court-ordered payment for medical care.
Medical support means a provision in a support order that requires the purchase and maintenance of appropriate insurance for health and dental expenses of dependent children, and assigns responsibility for uninsured medical expenses.