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Project Material means all material:
Project Material means all Material:
Project Material means all the material including but not limited to documents, computer software, and data stored by any means which is created by the Fellow in the course of undertaking the Project.

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  • Email NotificationPreConstruction MeetingPrePave (HMA) Project Material Coordinators‌ Read Standard Spec 106.1.2 and CMM 8-10.1.2 and 8-10.1.3 regarding project material coordinator responsibilities.

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Project Material means all Material (documents, records, software, goods, images, information and data), including but not limited to that which was created and/or supplied to the Commonwealth under the current and previous funding agreements for the OzFoodNet Program (since 2000), in addition to all reports and data, which are: i) brought into existence for the purpose of the OzFoodNet Program under the Agreement; (ii) incorporated in, supplied or required to be supplied along with the Material referred to in paragraph (i); or (iii) copied or derived from the Material referred to in paragraphs (i) and(ii) above.Schedule DThe National Bowel Cancer Screening ProgramParticipant Follow-up FunctionNATIONAL PART NERSHIP AGREE MENT ON SPECIFIE D PRO JECTS PRELIMINARIES
Project Material means any physical, electronic, mechanical, biological or chemical materials (including any tissue, blood or other biospecimen) produced in the conduct of the Project; Special Conditions means such conditions as may be specified in Item 10 of the Schedule; Termination Date is the date set out in Item 3 of the Schedule. In this Agreement, unless the contrary intention appears: the singular includes the plural and vice versa;
Project Material means in relation to a Project, the Application, Summary and all of the Reports regarding that Research Activity;
Project Material means all material created by the Proponent, or a third party as part of or in the performance of a Project, and includes new, enhanced or derived data;
Project Material means any Material, other than Reporting Material, created or developed by You as a result of a Project;