Candidate definition

Candidate means the person Introduced by the Agency to the Client for an Engagement including any officer, employee or other representative of the Candidate if the Candidate is a corporate body, and members of the Agency’s own staff;
Candidate means a person who has filed nominating papers or petitions for nomination or election to an elected office, or who has been appointed to fill a vacancy in nomination, and who remains eligible for placement on the ballot at a regular election, as defined in section 1-3 of the Election Code (10 ILCS 5/1-3).
Candidate means any person who:

Examples of Candidate in a sentence

  • Failure of the successful tenderer to comply with the requirements of paragraph 2.27 or paragraph 2.28 shall constitute sufficient grounds for the annulment of the award and forfeiture of the tender security, in which event the Procuring entity may make the award to the next lowest evaluated Candidate or call for new tenders.

  • A Candidate making inquiries of the tender documents may notify the Procuring entity by post, fax or by email at the procuring entity’s address indicated in the Invitation for tenders.

  • A statement that the Contractor shall not substitute, at Project start-up, different personnel from those evaluated by the State except when a candidate’s unavailability is no fault of the Contractor (e.g., Candidate is no longer employed by the Contractor, is deceased, etc.).

  • This RFP includes Offeror Candidate Forms as Attachments Seven A, B and C.

  • However, higher marks shall be accorded to the Candidate with higher relevant qualification and experience.

More Definitions of Candidate

Candidate means a candidate for reception into the Catholic Church. This will be evidenced by a letter of verification signed by the parish priest and stamped with the parish stamp.
Candidate means the person Introduced by Employment Agency to Client including, but not limited to, any officer or employee of the Candidate if the Candidate is a limited company, any member or employee of the Candidate if the Candidate is a limited liability partnership, and members of Employment Agency’s own staff;
Candidate means a person who has obtained the tender documents from a public entity pursuant to an invitation notice by a procuring entity
Candidate means a person who seeks or campaigns for an office of the Commonwealth or one of
Candidate means any individual who seeks nomination for