Definition of POC

POC shall mean the confirmation by the JSC or by GSK in accordance with the applicable PoC Criteria that a Collaboration Compound has met (i) the primary, and, if relevant, secondary endpoints regarding clinical efficacy and safety after Completion of the PoC Trial and (ii) any other PoC Criteria.
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POC means, with respect to an IO Discovery Program Antibody [***].
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Examples of POC in a sentence

The individual identified by the military department or defense agency as its POC for prototype OTs. Agreements Officer.
Professional services must be delivered with the participant present and in accordance with approved POC.
OJP sends award notifications by email through GMS to the individuals listed in the application as the point of contact and the authorizing official (E-Biz POC and AOR).
Servicer must not collect any attorney's fees or other charges with respect to the preparation or submission of a POC or MRS document that is withdrawn or denied, or any amendment thereto that is required, as a result of a substantial misstatement by Servicer of the amount due.
To the extent not previously submitted with a POC, Servicer shall include a statement in an MRS setting forth the basis for asserting that the applicable party has the right to foreclose.