Independent candidate definition

Independent candidate means any candidate who claims not to be affiliated with a political party, and whose name has been certified on the office-type ballot at a general or special election through the filing of a statement of candidacy and nominating petition, as prescribed in section 3513.257 of the Revised Code.
Independent candidate means a candidate who is registered as an independent or with no party preference or who is registered with a political party that is not eligible for recognition on the ballot.
Independent candidate means a candidate who does not represent a political party that has been granted ballot status for the general election and who has qualified, or is seeking to qualify, to be on the general election ballot.

Examples of Independent candidate in a sentence

  • He was first elected on 15 November 2012 as an Independent candidate and re-elected for a second term of office on 5 May 2016.

  • The Postal Vote Flyers produced by each Group and Independent candidate in accordance with regulation 21.(8) Wherever possible, a postal election packet shall be despatched to electors who have applied for a postal vote on the same day as receipt of the application, and no later than 5:00pm the Tuesday before the opening of the poll.(9) Postal votes must be returned to the Returning Officer or lodged at the polling place before close of the poll in order to be included in the count.

  • Three presidential elections: - 1994: João Bernardo Vieira, then President of PAIGC, was elected in the second round, against opposition candidate Koumba Yala (PRS); - 1999: Koumba Yala was elected President of the Republic, defeating PAIGC candidate Malam Bacai Sanhá in the second round; - 2005: Independent candidate João Bernardo Vieira, also in the second round, outdistanced the PAIGC candidate, Malam Bacai Sanhá, thus becoming President of the Republic.

  • The MITSC Executive Director and Commissioner Mark Chavaree met Independent candidate Barbara Merrill and her campaign manager on October 6, 2006.

  • Independent candidate non-affiliated with a team may select one scrutineer.

More Definitions of Independent candidate

Independent candidate means a candidate who has properly filed
Independent candidate means a candidate in a nonpartisan election or a candidate in a partisan election who is not the nominee of a political party.
Independent candidate means a person who does not stand in an election for any political party, whether individually or in a group;
Independent candidate means a candidate who does not represent a political party that has been granted ballot status and holds a primary election to choose its nominee for the general election.
Independent candidate means a candidate for presidential, parliamentary or county elections who is not a member of a political party;
Independent candidate means a candidate not sponsored by a political party;
Independent candidate means a candidate running for an ASUN position independent of an affiliation with an SEG