Definition of Tenants Operating Costs Share

Tenants Operating Costs Share means a fraction, the numerator of which is the Floor Area of the Leased Premises and the denominator of which is the total Floor Area of the office portion of the Building, which is 44,840 rentable square feet, as measured in accordance with BOMA. Tenants Operating Costs Share is currently 49:63%.
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Examples of Tenants Operating Costs Share in a sentence

Notwithstanding any contrary provision contained in the Lease, as hereby amended, Tenant shall continue to pay Tenants Operating Costs Share of Operating Expenses in connection with the Existing Premises which arise or accrue prior to Expansion Commencement Date, in accordance with the terms of the Lease.
Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, until the occurrence of the Second Floor Lease Commencement Date, the defined terms "Tenant's Share of Parking Spaces", "Tenant's Operating Costs Share", and "Tenant's Tax Share" shall be deemed revised to exclude the Second Floor Building 311 Premises.
From and after the New Building 131 Premises Rent Commencement Date, the Tenants Operating Costs Share shall be: (i) 100% of Building Operating Costs for Building 37; and (ii) for Building 131, the percentage calculated by dividing the rentable square feet of the sum of the Initial Building 131 Premises and the New Building 131 Premises by the rentable square feet of the Building (49,202)).