Definition of Rentable Area of the Buildings

Rentable Area of the Buildings shall mean 263,326 agreed square feet.

Examples of Rentable Area of the Buildings in a sentence

The parties shall execute a "Memorandum of Commencement of Lease Term" when the Commencement Date becomes known, which shall include a certification of the actual Rentable Area of the Buildings determined by the methodology described in Section 2.01.
Rentable Area of the Buildings: Deemed to be 203,630 square feet for each of the Centerpointe I Building and the Centerpointe II Building.
WHEREAS, Landlord and Tenant have remeasured the Initial Premises as required by Article 5.A of the Lease, and Landlord has remeasured the Buildings, and Landlord and Tenant now wish to amend the Lease to properly reflect the Rentable Area and usable area of the Initial Premises and the Rentable Area of the Buildings; and C.
REMEASUREMENT OF THE BUILDINGS, The Buildings (as defined in Section 1.A.3 of the Lease) have been remeasured and Landlord and Tenant agree that the Rentable Area of the Buildings is 465,013 rentable square feet.
Provided that Tenant occupies the entire Rentable Area of the Buildings, Tenant shall have the right to approve any third party professional management service in conjunction with the review and approval method prescribed for the Annual Estimate under Section 2.2.3(B) such approval by Tenant not to be unreasonably withheld, condition or delayed.