Tenant’s Notice definition

Tenant’s Notice setting forth in reasonable detail:
Tenant’s Notice defined in Section 16.2.
Tenant’s Notice. Address: Global Payments Inc. 4 Corporate Square Atlanta, Georgia 30329 Attention: Real Estate With a copy to: Global Payments Inc. 4 Corporate Square Atlanta, Georgia 30329 Attention: Corporate Secretary

Examples of Tenant’s Notice in a sentence

  • Any such notice or document may also be personally delivered if a receipt is signed by and received from, the individual, if any, named in Tenant’s Notice Address.

  • Landlord shall notify Tenant in writing of its approval or disapproval of the proposed sublease or assignment or its decision to exercise its rights under Section 10.02 within thirty (30) days after receipt of Tenant’s Notice (and all required information).

  • Tenant’s Notice shall be deemed defective, and not given to Landlord, if it fails strictly to comply with the requirements and time period set forth above.

  • The surrender will be effective as of the date set forth in Tenant’s Notice (defined below), which date shall not be earlier than the sixth (6th) month anniversary of the transmittal of the Tenant’s Notice (the “Surrender Date”).

  • No portion of the Premises is located within any designated flood plain or special flood hazard area, or if the Land is in flood hazard area, and Master Tenant has approved same (such approval being in the sole and absolute discretion of Master Tenant), Landlord has executed Master Tenant’s Notice of Flood Hazard Area and/or such other documentation required by Master Tenant, and Landlord has obtained and will maintain flood insurance coverage for the Premises as otherwise specified herein.

More Definitions of Tenant’s Notice

Tenant’s Notice shall be deemed to refer to the applicable First Expansion Notice, (iii) all references therein to “Fair Market Rent” shall be deemed to refer to the FES Fair Market Rent, (iv) all references therein to “Renewal Term” shall be deemed to refer the term of the lease of the First Expansion Space and (v) all references therein to “Concessions Package” shall be deemed to refer to the FES Concessions Package, and (vi) in such arbitration procedures, the Baseball Arbitrators shall select either the Estimate submitted by Landlord under Section 37.01(d) or the Estimate submitted by Tenant under Section 37.02 (either with or without an FES Space Concessions Package pursuant to Tenant’s election, or deemed election), whichever one more closely represents the FES Fair Market Rent of the First Expansion 160 Space as determined by the Baseball Arbitrators (and, if an FES Concessions Package is included in the FES Fair Market Rent, the Baseball Arbitrators may not select a rental amount from one Estimate and an FES Concessions Package from the other).
Tenant’s Notice of the exercise thereof to Landlord at least two hundred seventy (270) but not more than three hundred sixty five (365) days, prior to the last day of the initial Term or Renewal Term then in effect. If Tenant fails to timely deliver such notice, Tenant’s renewal option shall terminate and be of no further force or effect. On or before the commencement date of the applicable Renewal Term, Landlord and Tenant shall execute an amendment to this Lease extending the Term on the same terms provided in this Lease, except as follows.
Tenant’s Notice. Address: Tenant’s Notice Address: before Commencement Date: after Commencement Date: 7400 Paseo Padre Parkway 75 Shoreway Drive, Suite A Fremont, CA 94555 San Carlos, CA 94070 Attention: Chief Executive Officer Attention: Chief Executive Officer The following Exhibits and Addenda are attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference: ☒ EXHIBIT A - PREMISES DESCRIPTIONEXHIBIT B - DESCRIPTION OF PROJECTEXHIBIT C - LANDLORD’S WORKEXHIBIT D - COMMENCEMENT DATE ☒ EXHIBIT E - RULES AND REGULATIONSEXHIBIT F - TENANT’S PERSONAL PROPERTYEXHIBIT G - SHARED SUITE AREAS
Tenant’s Notice shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Section 16.1 of this Lease.
Tenant’s Notice shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Clause 9.18(a)(iii);
Tenant’s Notice means the notice given by the Tenant to the Landlord accepting the Landlord’s Offer.