the Landlord definition

the Landlord means the party named on the first page of this Agreement and any successor and any person who has an interest as heritable proprietor in The Property, even if not named in this Agreement. The Landlord agrees to inform The Agent, in writing, of any changes to ownership of The Property, contact telephone numbers, postal or e-mail addresses as soon as possible and in any event within 7 days of the change.
the Landlord. We”/”Us” as appropriate; and “Our” shall be construed accordingly) Address: St Xxxxxx Xxxxx, 00-00 Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxx, XX0X 0XX Tenant: Xxxx Xxxxx West Address: , , Guarantor: Xxxxxx Xxxx Address:, , Premises: Test Xxxxx 0, Xxxxxxx, Xxxx: 01/07/2019 to 30/06/2020 Rent: As defined in the tenancy agreement Payable: As detailed in the tenancy agreement above Landlord and guarantor agreement In consideration of the landlord granting to the tenant the tenancy detailed above, the guarantor guarantees to the landlord that if at any time during the term of the tenancy or any extension of the term the tenant shall:
the Landlord has given written notice thereof to the Tenant, if written notice is required by this Section for the Event of Default which has occurred, and

Examples of the Landlord in a sentence

  • To exercise the right to cancel, The Landlord must inform The Agent by clear statement in writing by post, fax or email, of their decision to cancel before expiry of the cancellation period.

  • If requested, The Landlord must provide The Agent with a copy of the Insurance Schedule.

  • In the event that an actual or potential conflict arises, The Agent will notify The Landlord at the earliest opportunity.

  • The money spent will be deducted from the rent or if there are insufficient funds The Landlord will be invoiced accordingly.

  • The Agent hereby confirms that he is unaware of any actual or potential conflict of interest which may render The Agent unable to act for The Landlord.

More Definitions of the Landlord

the Landlord means the party of the first part which expression shall include the personal representative, administrators, successors and assigns of the Landlord being the owners for the time being of the reversion immediately expectant on the Determination of the Term.
the Landlord means the person named as Landlord in item (1) of the Particulars and includes any other person for the time being entitled to the immediate reversion on this Lease
the Landlord. “Client” means the property owner.
the Landlord means the owner of a dwelling which is leased or a person who is in lawful possession of a dwelling and has the right to lease or sub-lease it.
the Landlord means THE RIGHT REVEREND KEVIN PEARSON, Bishop, St Moluag’s Diocesan Centre, Croft Road, Oban, THE VERY REVEREND NORMAN DAVIDMACCALLUM, Dean, St Moluag’s Diocesan Centre aforesaid, THE REVEREND HUGH GORDON CASSELSLEE, Synod Clerk, St Moluag’s Diocesan Centre aforesaid and JONATHAN RICHARD MILES BELL, Registrar, Airds House, An Aird, Fort William, as Trustees for the United Episcopal Diocese for Argyll and the Isles, St Moluag’s Diocesan Centre.
the Landlord means the reversioner immediately expectant upon the determination of the Term hereby created for so long as he holds that interest
the Landlord means the above named its successors and assigns and where the context so admits includes such other person or parties in whom for the time being the reversion immediately expectant upon the term granted by this Lease shall be vested and “the Tenant” means the above named its successors in title and permitted assigns and where the context so admits includes such other parties or party in whom for the time being the Term shall be vested.