Definition of Television Business

Television Business means any business that is similar to businesses carried out by the Studio 1+1 Group or the principal aspects thereof from time to time, including the purchase or sale of television advertising, the purchase or sale of programming and related rights, the production or distribution of television programming and broadcasting of television programs or their content by any platform (including without limitation, terrestrial broadcast, digital terrestrial television, cablecast, internet, DSL or other telephony network-based delivery systems, satellite and pay-per-view).
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Examples of Television Business in a sentence

In furtherance thereof the Company agrees to make the capital investments in the Television Business as substantially contemplated by the operating budget of the Television Business in effect on the date hereof.
Effective as of the Transition Date, DG shall terminate (or have assumed by SpinCo or a SpinCo Subsidiary) all employment rights and relationships of all of its Television Business Employees who reside or perform services in Israel.
CRTC Let's Talk TV In March 2015, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (the "CRTC") released a series of decisions as the result of its Let's Talk TV consultation which resulted in and will continue to result in changes to the regulatory framework for Canadian television services, including the services offered by the DHX Television Business.
The Company shall endeavor in good faith to notify Buyer of any Television Business employee known to senior management of the Company who has declared their intention to leave at or before Closing.
This restriction applies to the Company because it has a wholly owned subsidiary operating the DHX Television Business.