Sexually oriented business definition

Sexually oriented business means a business at which any nude or partially denuded individual, regardless of whether the nude or partially denuded individual is an employee of the sexually oriented business or an independent contractor, performs any service for compensation.

Examples of Sexually oriented business in a sentence

Sexually oriented business have operational characteristics which should be reasonably regulated in order to protect those substantial governmental concerns.

Sexually oriented business lend themselves to ancillary unlawful and unhealthy activities that are presently uncontrolled by the operators of the establishments.

Setback From Governmental Offices — Sexually oriented business shall not be permitted within 450 feet of any building owned or used by the Town of Derry or any other governmental agency for governmental purposes.

Sexually oriented business shall comply with and shall satisfy all restrictions in Section 165-27.

Town Setback — Sexually oriented business shall not be permitted within 450 feet of the Town line.

More Definitions of Sexually oriented business

Sexually oriented business means an “adult bookstore or adult video store,” an “adult cabaret,” an “adult motion picture theater,” a “semi-nude model studio,” or a “sex paraphernalia store.”
Sexually oriented business means those businesses defined as follows:
Sexually oriented business means Adult amusement stores, Adult movie theaters, Adult entertainment cabarets, or Adult spas, as defined herein, or any business where erotic materials and activities are displayed, depicted, described or simulated as a regular and substantial part of its operation.