Definition of Telephone Plant

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The account balances reflected on the schedule of Telephone Plant correspond, in all material respects, to the associated account balances reflected on the books of the Company.
Such Telephone Plant constitutes substantially all of the Telephone Plant used primarily in the operation of the Business as of June 30, 2001, except as such (i) has been disposed of since January 1, 2001 in the ordinary course of business or (ii) is not material to the operation of the Business.
All transactions for telephone plant acquired included in this account, in accordance with Section 663.2, require analysis on Schedule 15, Analysis of Telephone Plant Acquired.
Telephone Plant InvestmenL______________________________ 125 TABLE V.
Fiber optic testing shall be performed in accordance with RUS Bulletin 345-63, "RUS Standard for Acceptance Tests and Measurements of Telephone Plant," PC-4, (Incorporated by reference at SS 1755.97).