Definition of Technology Transfer Activities

Technology Transfer Activities means the work required to transfer the process and technology to Manufacture the Product under WYETH's NDA from WYETH's current manufacturer to the Facilities, including, without limitation, the work specified in the Technology Transfer Plan.

Examples of Technology Transfer Activities in a sentence

Appendices to this contract may be modified from time to time by agreement of the Contracting Officer and the President of the University, or his or her authorized representative, as designated by the President in writing; provided, however, that Appendix C may be modified unilaterally by DOE as provided in subparagraph (e)((1)(i) of Clause 7.2, Rights In Data- Technology Transfer Activities and subparagraph (3) of Clause 7.7, Patent Rights-Nonprofit Management and Operating Contractors.
Separation of Technology Transfer Activities from Business Development/Start-up Initiatives Increasingly, technology transfer offices are engaged in promoting economic development or assisting faculty inventors in writing business plans, obtaining financing, establishing management schemes, or placing start-up ventures in institutional or state-run incubator facilities.
In consideration of the performance by ARCHEMIX of the Technology Transfer Activities under the SELEX Technology Transfer Plan as described in Section 3.2, during each Calendar Quarter of the Technology Transfer Term, MERCK will pay ARCHEMIX the Technology Transfer Costs and the FTE Cost applicable to the Technology Transfer Activities conducted during such Calendar Quarter within [***] days of MERCKs receipt of an invoice corresponding to such Calendar Quarter.
Satisfactory completion in this context means that the Technology Transfer Activities have been completed consistently with the Technology Transfer Plan, Regulatory Requirements and applicable WYETH Requirements.
Overview of Technology Transfer Activities Table 1 indicates that The Department's bureaus use, or are contemplating using, a diverse range of mechanisms to transfer information, knowledge and technology within and outside their agencies.