Limited Partnerships definition

Limited Partnerships means, collectively, Office I LP, Office II LP and any other limited partnerships that are affiliated with and controlled, directly or indirectly, by the REIT and which have been formed for the purposes of acquiring and/or owning real property, and “Limited Partnership” means any one of them as the context requires.
Limited Partnerships means Hamilton Coke Limited Partnership, Hamilton Land Limited Partnership, Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx Limited Partnership, HLE Mining Limited Partnership, HMLTN Energy Limited Partnership, Lake Erie Coke Limited Partnership, Lake Erie Land Limited Partnership, Lake Erie Steel Limited Partnership and Lake Erie Energy Limited Partnership.
Limited Partnerships means the limited partnerships identified on Schedule 2.2(a) included in the Crown Disclosure Letter delivered pursuant to the Merger Agreement, in which Crown Partnership owns a 99.5% limited partnership interest and a General Partner owns a 0.5% general partnership interest.

Examples of Limited Partnerships in a sentence

  • Articles of Incorporation (For Corporations) or Articles of Organization for (LLC’s) or Statement of Qualification (Limited Partnerships), if applicable.

  • Limited Partnerships are an example of a security that may result in unrelated business taxable income.

  • The Partnership is an exempted limited partnership duly formed, registered and validly existing under the laws of the Cayman Islands and in good standing with the Registrar of Exempted Limited Partnerships in the Cayman Islands.

  • The Partnership Records are complete and accurate and all matters required by law to be recorded therein are completely and accurately so recorded and the Partnership Records include complete copies of all matters required by law to be filed with the Registrar of Exempted Limited Partnerships.

  • Party B is a limited partnership formed under the Limited Partnerships Act (Ontario), a limited partner of which is, except as expressly required by law, only liable for any of its liabilities or any of its losses to the extent of the amount that the limited partner has contributed or agreed to contribute to its capital.

More Definitions of Limited Partnerships

Limited Partnerships means collectively Fire Creek Project Limited Partnership, Lamont Creek Project Limited Partnership, Stokke Creek Project Limited Partnership, Tipella Creek Project Limited Partnership and Upper Stave Project Limited Partnership;
Limited Partnerships. (i) PLC Command I, L.P., a Pennsylvania -------------------- limited partnership, and (ii) PLC Command II, L.P., a Pennsylvania limited partnership.
Limited Partnerships means, collectively, Hamilton Coke LP, Hamilton Land LP, Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx LP, Lake Erie Coke LP, Lake Erie Land LP and Lake Erie Steel LP.
Limited Partnerships means, collectively, Clarington Limited Partnership 1997 and Clarington Limited Partnership 1996;
Limited Partnerships means OFN Limited Partnership and MFN Limited Partnership;
Limited Partnerships means the limited partnerships listed --------------------- in Schedule I hereto.
Limited Partnerships or “LPs” means limited partnerships through or by which the Trust invests the proceeds of the Offering, as determined by the Manager in its sole discretion.