Definition of Technology Transfer Agreement

Technology Transfer Agreement means (a) with respect to IMI, that certain Technology Transfer Agreement by and among NTC, Micron, and IMI dated as of the Amendment Date, and (b) with respect to MeiYa, that certain Technology Transfer Agreement by and among NTC, Micron and MeiYa dated as of May 13, 2008.

Examples of Technology Transfer Agreement in a sentence

Subject to the Non-Patent Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Agreement between FoundryCo and AMD of even date herewith, as among the parties, FoundryCo will own all right, title and interest in and to any manufacturing process technology that the FoundryCo Manufacturing Entities use to manufacture the Products hereunder.
Licensee hereby acknowledges that it is Licensees intent to assume, and Licensee does hereby assume, all of LFB USAs obligations related to the rights licensed to LFB USA (as licensee) under any Third Party In-License Agreement applicable to the LFB USA Technology, and under the Technology Transfer Agreement applicable to the Genzyme Transferred Technology, and Licensee agrees to cooperate with LFB USA to the extent necessary to implement the foregoing.
Accordingly, the parties agree that POSCO Power shall be entitled to an injunction or injunctions to enforce specifically the transfer of the FCE Technology to POSCO Power in accordance with Article IX of the Technology Transfer Agreement, in addition to any other remedy to which it may be entitled under this Agreement.
Simultaneously with the execution of this Agreement, and subject to the terms hereof, the parties shall enter into the Technology Transfer Agreement and the Securities Purchase Agreement, and, within sixty (60) days of thereof, the parties shall use commercially reasonable efforts to finalize the terms and conditions of the Technology Transfer Program, LTSA and the Purchase Order.
In the event FCE desires to transfer to any third party all or any portion of the capital stock of NewCo (the NewCo Stock) received as royalties pursuant to the Technology Transfer Agreement, FCE shall deliver to POSCO Power within thirty (30) days prior to the proposed date of transfer a written notice setting forth the price and any other relevant terms of its proposed transfer of such NewCo Stock.