Technology Transfer Agreement definition

Technology Transfer Agreement has the meaning given in Section 2.2(e).
Technology Transfer Agreement means agreement signed with foreign investors regarding but not limited to the following:
Technology Transfer Agreement has the meaning set forth in Section 11.4(e).

Examples of Technology Transfer Agreement in a sentence

  • It is understood by the parties that MAS has certain rights under Article 6 of the Baylor Technology Transfer Agreement with respect to suspected infringement, misuse, misappropriation, theft or breach of confidence of other proprietary rights in the Patent Rights, the Baylor Technology and the Improvements (the “Baylor Technology Infringement”).

  • The Company has entered into a Collaboration and Technology Transfer Agreement with Shiseido Company Limited who have alleged RepliCel breached obligations in the agreement, which may allegedly be terminal to future obligations pursuant to the agreement.

  • It is understood by the parties that the Baylor Technology Transfer Agreement may expire on a date which is earlier than the expiration date provided for in the first sentence of this Section 10.1 and that the sublicense granted pursuant to Section 2.1 may therefore expire on such earlier date.

  • It is understood by the parties that, pursuant to the Baylor Technology Transfer Agreement, MAS has the initial responsibility for filing, prosecution and maintenance of Patents and Patent Applications covering the Baylor Technology.

  • Under the terms of the Technical Assistance and Technology Transfer Agreement, the Series “BB” shareholders shall own at least seven point sixty-five percent (7.65%) of the corporate equity of the business association in order to render the services provided in the contract.

More Definitions of Technology Transfer Agreement

Technology Transfer Agreement means an agreement relating to an enterprise to which this Act applies that involves—
Technology Transfer Agreement means that certain Technology Transfer Agreement among NTC, Micron and the Joint Venture Company referred to on Schedule 2.5 of the Master Agreement Disclosure Letter.
Technology Transfer Agreement means the Technology Transfer Agreement substantially in the form attached hereto as Exhibit 1.01(l).
Technology Transfer Agreement means an agreement with an enterprise which has a duration of not less than eighteen months and which involves
Technology Transfer Agreement means that certain Technology Transfer Agreement by and among Maxygen, Holdings, ApS and Bayer effective on the Execution Date.
Technology Transfer Agreement means a patent licensing agreement, a know-how licensing agreement, a software copyright licensing agreement or a mixed patent, know- how or software copyright licensing agreement, including any such agreement containing provisions which relate to the sale and purchase of products or which relate to the licensing of other intellectual property rights or the assign- ment of intellectual property rights, provided that those provisions do not constitute the primary object of the agreement and are directly related to the production of the contract products; assignments of patents, know-how, soft- ware copyright or a combination thereof where part of the risk associated with the exploitation of the technology remains with the assignor, in particular where the sum payable in consideration of the assignment is dependent on the turnover obtained by the assignee in respect of products produced with the assigned technology, the quan- tity of such products produced or the number of opera- tions carried out employing the technology, shall also be deemed to be technology transfer agreements;
Technology Transfer Agreement. Technology Transfer Agreement means the Technology Transfer Agreement between Millennium and Aventis dated as of the Execution Date.