Definition of Technology Transfer Plan

Technology Transfer Plan means the plan for transfer to TESARO of OPKO Know-how attached to this Agreement as Exhibit D.
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Examples of Technology Transfer Plan in a sentence

In the event a Third Party Agreement is not assigned to TESARO, OPKO will, as set forth in the Technology Transfer Plan, or as otherwise requested by TESARO, use Commercially Reasonable Efforts to obtain any information or other benefits under such agreement related to access to OPKO Know-how as would be available to OPKO.
Each Party shall cooperate with the other Party in such other Partys conduct of technology transfer activities under the Technology Transfer Plan.
As part of the Initial Technology Transfer, in accordance with the Technology Transfer Plan, Paratek will make available to Zai the Paratek Know-How that constitutes the then-current process used by Paratek or its Third Party manufacturer in the manufacture of Licensed Products.
Other than the Technology Transfer activities contemplated in the Technology Transfer Plan, the Parties shall agree in writing on plans and budgets necessary to implement Technology Transfer activities contemplated by this Section 5.6 taking into account the reasonable availability of Aduros resources.
On or prior to [*], GlobeImmune shall provide Gilead with plan for the transfer of technology as provided in Sections 4.1.5 and 4.1.6 (the Technology Transfer Plan).